Monday, March 26, 2012

Charles & Camilla in DK: Black Tie Dinner at Amalienborg

"And then this Donaldson creature and his mother kept cutting into the queue and spitting and spouting something about their Scottish family roots and how we're all neighbours at Balmoral. Sorry ol' chap, but the guards have orders to shoot at anything that looks like you! Oh, but Daisy, the funniest part was when he had to excuse himself to get fitted with a microphone for an interview with Australian news! How ever do you do it? Blimey! You just don't give a fig anymore, do you old girl?"

Well, one thing still makes sense after reading the guest list for tonight's dinner at Amalienborg: when Daisy is in charge, no Sluuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppsons get an invite! Charles will surely be bored to death with most of the guests however: as per clueless usual, the Danish court has invited mostly business titans who grant favours to the Danish Royal Family as a matter of civic tithing. The Lego fortune is represented as is the Vestas Windmill people (boy, did they regret that Professor Boganson as Wind Ambassador gaffe), the Mærsk shipping empire and the Carlsberg brewing CEO. Snore. Fail. Charles likes intellectuals and culture vultures, not new money. I guess he'll have to make do with Prince Joachim and Prince Henrik. At least Camilla will be happy seeing one of the stars of her favourite show The Killing, Sofie Gråbøl, the only apparant representative of Danish cultural life along with film director Lone Scherfig.

None of Mary's Ladies-in-Waiting will be in attendence, but Princess Marie gets the fun of having her first lady-in-waiting as a dinner guest, Marianne Engel. The mother-in-law of Yrma's first lady-in-waiting was va-va-va-voom in green; love how a much older woman can so easily steal Yrma's thunder with natural grace and confidence.

Video: DR

Article on the fire that broke out during dinner: The Telegraph

Photo Gallery: BT

Photo Gallery: Starlounge


Lobster bisque with ravioli
Stuffed breast of duck
Potato soufflé
Brussels sprouts
Mushroom tart
Date cake

La Cigaralle du Prince 2008, Cahors
Chateau de Cayx 2008, en l’honneur du 40ème anniversaire du regne (Jubilee Wine)
Moët et Chandon (Champagne), Cuvée spéciale M&H


Jeramiah Clarke, Trumpet Voluntary, Prince Jørgen’s March
King Henry VIII, Pastime with good Company
William Brade, Die Nachtigall
John Dowland, The King of Denmark’s Galliard
P.E. Lange-Müller, Dinner music and the Prince’s arrival from ”Once Upon A Time”
Gustav Holst, From 2nd suite in F: “March: Morris Dance, Swansea Town, Claudy Banks” and “Song without Words, I’ll Love My Love”
H.C. Lumbye, Camilla Polka (nice touch, Dais)
A. Lloyd Webber, Music of the Night
H.C. Lumbye, The Prince of Wales’ Gallop

Cams: "You know we can see your wife's girdle?" Derfs: "Just be glad you can't see the presque-zizi! You can guess how drunk I was the night we met."

"Can you believe this crew? Are you seeing this?"

Sofie Gråbøl, star of The Killing

Princess Marie's first lady-in-waiting, Marianne Engel with her husband Ditlev

Secretary to Prince Joachim's Court, Kurt Bache and his wife

Bente Bernstorff-Gyldensteen, mother-in-law to Mary's first lady-in-waiting, Countess Victoria

Photos: Keld Navntoft and Claus Bech/Scanpix

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  1. What a classic! Mary and her spanx.