Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mary Mystery: Recent Activities Downplayed Publically

Weird. As announced previously, Mary was out in Frederiksberg yesterday to kick off that municipality's terrific initiative to help alleviate the refugee crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She was there as patron of the Danish Refugee Council, along with that group's president, and a few entertainers. But there is practically no information on the event that's been published. Is Mary no longer a draw for the world's press and photo agencies? Did Madam have to release The McCann Group from its contract in order to save money for more shoes? Or has Lene Balleby received orders to promote the Derfster over Madam these days? The blood royal vs. the blood bogan? This separate engagements business for them does seem to work - both of them look a million times happier without the other's company, although it's fair to suspect that Mary relies on Freddles as a security blanket as much as she also holds him in contempt.

Update: no media ban it seems, just took a long time for some photo agencies to put Madam's photos up on the web. But the usual suspects aren't publishing about Mary (BT, Se og Hør).

Photo Gallery: Pure People

Press Release: Danish Refugee Council Website

The cooperation project between the Danish Refugee Council and Frederiksberg municipality, "World Refugee - Frederiksberg 2012", was kicked off with an opening ceremony that reflected a deeply felt commitment from citizens, cultural institutions and politicians.

The project was kicked off with a super good and velrettelagt opening event. Speeches by HRH Crown Princess Mary, Mayor of Frederiksberg Jorgen Glenthøj and the Danish Refugee Council's international director Ann Mary Olsen marked a shared commitment to refugee proceedings at the opening ceremony at Frederiksberg City Hall.

"Where there is war, there are refugees. This has unfortunately been at all times in world history, and so it is today. When war and armed conflicts threaten people, there is often no alternative but flight. Away from the violence and atrocities, but also away from the familiar life with home, work and school, family, dreams and entire livelihood," said International Director of the Danish Refugee Council, Ann Mary Olsen at the beginning of his speech.

Actor Peter Ganzler was compere at the opening ceremony that met with the support of a number of artists from Copenhagen. Sebastian Dorset, Jonathan A. Koppel, Safri Duo and Michael Glick provided music and entertainment, accompanied by the Royal Danish Academy of Music's Children's Choir and the pianists Dan Hemmer and Kirsten Karlshøj.

"It was a pleasure to open the show, and even better to see how all of Frederiksberg really signed up to the project and is so ambitious about it. There is no doubt that an event like this brings the problem of refugees closer to Frederiksberg's citizens. With 43 million people around the world, the refugee problem can seem overwhelming and distant. But this project allows Frederiksberg citizens the opportunity to make a concrete difference to a group of the most vulnerable refugee children," says Jens Engedal, Project Manager for the Danish Refugee Council.

World Refugee - Frederiksberg 2012 is a collaboration between the Danish Refugee Council and Frederiksberg municipality that throughout the year will mobilize citizens, culture and business behind the fundraising activities for the benefit of school children in Orientale Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). The project includes both building schools, latrines and water supply. By making a comprehensive solution ensures that children do not get sick from poor sanitation, but allowed an optimum for the conditions of schooling.

The project aims to collect 1,000,000 kroner. For this price, the Danish Refugee Council will build two schools and additionally, 8-10 wells at the schools.

Photos: Splash News

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