Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nikolai and Felix at the Circus with Jørgensens

Nice outing for Nikolai and Felix to go to the circus premiere with lots of other big wigs, including Far Joachim's friend Oscar Davidsen Siesbye. Interesting that Daisy has allowed her oldest and most attractive grandsons to go on an outing with the boys' step-grandfather (and Daisy's most trusted filmographer) Jacob Jørgensen, father of Alexandra's husband Martin and owner of JJ Film. Producing the Marymentary must have indeed been rather traumatic, but hopefully the new JJ Film production on Daisy (there was filming during her visit to NYC and Washington in 2011) will help wash away that pain. Funny how a Danish commoner grandfather (not even, a 'step'!) can take these very well-mannered and well-educated boys out for a simple, fun evening but the sluuuuuuurrrrrrrppppping Bogansons had to retreat to their converted goat barn with satellite dish outside the gates of the Chateau de Cayx because they have been so deliberately shunned by the Court. Daisy may have completely rethought that whole "non-Danish family" requirement for her sons. Is Katja next in the line-up?

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Circus Arena on Tuesday evening at Bellahøj in Copenhagen threw up the tent for the season by inviting celebrities from near and far to the premiere.

Those who visited the red and yellow circus tent got the opportunity to meet the 80-year-old Belgian world clown Toto Chabri, Catana Troupes' artist group from Romania and especially the Casselly-Berdino family, with their elephant troupe who received the "Golden Clown" at the circus festival in Monte Carlo, which is the circus world's answer to an Oscar.

According to ringmaster Bennt Berdino, he got together some really good spots for the show. For example, the springboard troupe Catana from Romania and the Spanish energy bomb Picasso Jr., both of which have won in Monaco. And Acrobats of Puyang, 16 equilibristic acrobats from China.

Photos: Martin Sylvest Andersen/Scanpix Denmark

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