Friday, March 16, 2012

Yay! Derfie Travels to Bangladesh with Children's Org; Has Orders from MoreMore for New Extensions

"Hey there, little man, slap me some skin, my old lady's back home and I'm on my own!"

Derfie will be joining his patronage Save the Children on a visit to Bangledesh starting today. He will help them bring focus and attention to the Work2Learn initiative to help young people learn job skills and rise up out of poverty. Between duties, he will be undertaking unofficial engagements under the guise of the self-styled Save the Freddles Foundation, such as "interviewing nannies" and "researching the effects of exotic hallucinogens" or prising hair from the long locks of Bangledeshi peasant girls so that Madam can have a new weave, the price of a solo visit to Asia before returning to Denmark to accompany Charles and Camilla on various stops during their tour of the country. If Mary's going to be the Danish Kate, then she's got to have a new, plumper weave to wear when she's photographed next to the Wales couple. It was hard enough getting Daisy and Clarence House to agree to Yrma filling in as their guide, she's not going to waste the opportunity!

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince travels today as the patron of Save the Children in Bangladesh, Dhaka, where the Crown Prince until 19 March 2012 will visit selected sites with a focus on child labor.

There are in Bangladesh up to 8 million child labourers, many working under hazardous conditions and are unable to attend school.

The Crown Prince will begin his stay in Bangladesh to visit the children working as domestic servants in private homes, including a 11-year-old child who for 6 years has worked in several different households. The following day, the Crown Prince will visit the children of workers at a steel factory.

On the last day of the trip, he will visit the Save the Children project Work2Learn working with Scandinavian textile companies to create better and safer conditions for child labourers. The work serves as a placement for the children, trained in a particular area of ​​production, giving them a better position to get jobs later in life, and knowledge of working conditions. The project also offers the children schooling beside the work.

The Crown Prince's visit concludes with a visit to a slum where the children in the organization Child Brigade help other children to get out of child labour through learning about rights and building networks.

The visit is part of preparations for Save the Children's national fundraising on 2 September 2012.

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