Friday, March 9, 2012

Christening Date for La Petite Prinsesse Schackenborg

In a very simple press release, Prince Joachim's private secretary announced that La Petite Prinsesse will be baptised 20 May at 5pm at Møgeltønder Church. So, goodie, we're about to know her name (lille prinsesse Caroline-Amalie Louise Sofie?) and see how she's grown and get photies of the whole family including having fun watching lille prins Henrik. But 5pm is the real story here. That's possibly evening wear, my dears. And evening wear in Royal Denmark means white tie, decorations and tiaras. Hm. What is Daisy planning in terms of treats for us? Dinner and dancing afterward?What symbolism! Quel coding! Give Yrma enough rope to hang herself, Dais! Stay tuned.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Article: Berlingske

Later this spring will be the end to the guesswork about what Denmark's youngest royal will be named. This will be on Sunday, 20 May that Prince Joachim and Princess Marie's baby daughter gets its name.

The princess is to be christened in Møgeltønder Church at 5pm, said the prince's private secretary, Kurt Bache, in a statement.

The little girl, who is the royal family's youngest member, was born 24th January at the hospital and she is the couple's second child. Older brother Prince Henry was born in 2009, and Prince Joachim has already Princes Nikolai and Felix from his marriage to Countess Alexandra.

Møgeltønder Church has also been the setting for several events in the royal family when the couple lives their daily life at Schackenborg Castle in southern Jutland. It was here that Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were married on 24 May 2008, and it was here that the couple's first child, Prince Henry, was baptized 26 July 2009.

The little princess is the reigning couple's eighth grandchild.

Photo: Keld Navntoft

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