Thursday, March 1, 2012

Duh: Mary and Fred Are Wasteful, Self-Serving, Vacuous, Inconsequential Hypocrites

"Oh, boo-hoo, wha-wha-wha, what a bunch a crybabies you Danes are!"

A no-shock article first reported by Ekstra Bladet, now appearing in Se og Hør. Derf and Yrma might as well appear on the balcony of Amalienborg and tell the Danes to eat cake. So much for Mary getting a 10% earmark of Fred's apanage, sister saw that amount as more suitable to Derfie, so that she could have more ugly, ill-fitting Prada separates, Loboutin red-soled shoes and other items of clothing that will make her famous overseas and envied (at least in her thick head) to the tips of her bunion-covered toes. Never mind that for several years since their marriage, their personal household accounts have gone into the red. Never mind that the article is incorrect saying they have to pay for cars - they get cars out the wazoo for free! Never mind that they had to let go of 5 members of their staff in 2010. Never mind that they do not pay MOMS tax at all.

Article: Se og Hør

Mary and Fred: Squandering Money

The Crown Princely Couple make 625,000 kroner - a month.

The rich, as you know, have many pleasures. Frederik and Mary are no exception. The couple's private consumption is at no less than 625,000 kroner a month, writes Ekstrabladet today.

According to the newspaper's calculations, the royal couple spent 12,287,142 kroner on goods and services in 2011, or the equivalent of just over one million kroner a month.

Calculations do not include costs for employees. This means that money is spent on handbags, shoes, dresses, cars, travel, hotel stays, home furnishings and anything else that can sweeten life. One of the millions went to administration and property tax, while 3.5 million went to the court's operation.

When the money is deducted, it leaves Fred and Mary with a household gaining 7.5 million kroner a year. So 620,000 kroner a month. So while other Danes have turned down consumption and luxury, the living heirs to the throne were still living in a whirl of pleasures.


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  2. So, how do you really feel, lupina? ;) Love "suburbanite" - she wouldn't see that as a put down!