Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Washington 2012, Day Three: Mary Tries To Get Reese Witherspoon To Just Please Looker Me!

Mary Donaldson Strategery FAIL. That Kate Middleton Groupie Reese Witherspoon is here and everyone's falling all over her and not Mary! The horror for our little clown princess who desparately needs Reese to go onto an American talk show with huge ratings and proclaim her love for the Danish Marie-Antoinette. Sorry, Mares. Reese is an American girl from the South and those belles have standards that even Princess Margaret couldn't reach.

Reese, who will do anything to get all up in a real princess's grill, is playing a larger role than little Mary Boganson, former Aussie "career girl" in this conference. Which, by the way, Mary, isn't a women's empowerment, you-go-girl gig, where's the Martinis and Manicures booth? The women here want to find solutions to the problems of violence against women and women's poverty and other icky stuff. Reese found the time, in her role as Global Ambassador for the Avon Foundation, to give a speech and hand out prizes to women devoting their time and energies to really making a difference in the lives of women. She also graciously posed for photos with people such as the editors of women's business magazines in Romania and Brazil. And all the while wearing a pretty but sensible, daytime little black dress and minimal jewellery. Way to go, Reese!

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