Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Verbier 2012: Izzy Learns to Ski, Has Already Surpassed MoreMore's Skills

Look at Our Izzy go! She's naturally athletic, totally at ease with the situation. Skiing is fun, but lord knows it's inconvenient. Some kids are fussy about the cold, the many layers, the inclines, the lack of ease of moving around, but this girl's doing fine. It's called mad coping skills, and being the daughter of a tense woman who isn't demonstrative with love, she had better have those in spades. It helps, too, to have activities, hobbies and enjoyable ways to spend time to fall back on. In the company of her mother's bizarre, large and ever-changing entourage - Amber Petty and Caroline Heering are present in these photies - she'll need all the help she can get! Amber tweeted earlier today local time that she had watched the movie Contagion. Sure hope the kids weren't up for that one. Shouldn't a multi-generational, family movie night be more along the lines of The Sound of Music or Home Alone!? Caroline has plenty to report back to Daisy!

All photies by Starlounge MSN-DK

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