Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mary To Awkwardly Host Party for Refugees

Sounds like the good people of prestigious Frederiksberg (a lovely, leafy municipality just south of Tivoli in Copenhagen full of chic, upper middle class people) have started a major goodwill initiative to benefit the children of war-torn and poverty-ravished Congo. Their idea and behind the scenes efforts and coordination will be ursurped by Our Mary who will disguise the real heroes of the day and take all the symbolic credit for helping Africa's children. She didn't really seem to make a positive impression on her 2011 visit to Ethiopia where she and partner Søren Pind stayed in a luxury hotel while making stops at camps to wave at people. Her 2008 'Commonwealth' visit to Uganda didn't impress the locals, either. But Mary isn't out for them, this is for the British royals, her spiritual royal family. She needs something to fawn about when Charles and Camilla come to town in March. She's had to realise since 2008, that India will remain with Edwina Mountbatten. But as with Harry, Kate, Wills, Marina of Kent and Diana, by the Grace of God The Countess of Monpezat will have Africa!

Article: Berlingske's AOK City Guide

Come Party With Mary

Crown Princess Mary is in charge when Frederiksberg holds a gathering for children in the Democratic Republic of Congo at a big party on March 13th. The quickest 500 people will secure tickets for the party.

For all of 2012, Frederiksberg will mobilise to benefit children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. On 13 March, the municipality will have a big opening party for the collection project, which has been developed in collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council. Now the fastest Frederiksberg residents can secure admission by meeting up at Town Hall on 27 February between the hours of 5pm and 6pm. There are 500 passes in total and a maximum of two per person.

The lucky ones will be in good company. Crown Princess Mary is patron of the Danish Refugee Council in charge of the opening celebration. Actor Peter Ganzler will take on the role of MC and stand-up comic Sebastian Dorset will take care of the jokes. Safri Duo Music Academy's children's choir and Michael Glick will provide the music.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is characterized by poverty and violent civil unrest. Only about every other child attends school regularly. That is why the money from the collection, among other things, to build schools in the particularly hard-hit province of Orientale in the northeast of the country.

The goal for the project is to bring in 1,000,000 kroner. This will be achieved through a variety of events and initiatives that are scattered throughout 2012. If successful, the money will secure two new schools and 8-10 new wells for children in Orientale, according to local authority.

What: Opening party for 'World's Refugees - Copenhagen 2012'
Where: Town Hall in Frederiksberg
When: 13 March from 3:50pm to 5:15pm
How: Admission to the festival can be found in the Town Hall on 27 February between 17 and 18


  1. Let's see, which Prada outfit will she wear and wait, don't forget that it must include something red to match the instantly recognizeable soles of one of her many pairs of Bunion Booties, aka Louboutin tarts trotters.

    The entire outfit will cost more than what the good folk of Fksbg collect, no doubt ...

    So predictable ...

  2. You're right, Diog. What's funny to me is that Frederiksberg is full of people for whom chasing the latest fashions and showing off wealth is Not Done. Mary will stand out as the low class bogan she really is, not just in her Kate-adjacent clothing & new long weave, but in her attitude and looker me body language. She can't help it, she gives away the truth so easily!

  3. And, let's hope the Countess of Frederiksberg gives her the cold shoulder, or gives her a gob-full in Danish to send her reeling, 'cos she's quite excellent at the lingo!