Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Verbier 2012: Back Atcha, Daisy: Team Green and Gold Hit the Slopes of Verbier

Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott, Jane Donaldson Stephens (back to photographer) and Princess Mary Boganson

So Mary gets back at Daisy for sending her and her jellyfish of a husband to South Korea (which was getting back at Mary for pretending to care about a Women's Conference in Washington during winter clearance sales). For those keeping track, I believe the updated score since 2002 is this: Mary 874, Daisy 873. Blabbermouth and No Friend of Daisy's Miss Amber Petty may have been allowed at Mary's Amalienborg birthday party this past weekend with Daisy (after blabbing on Daisy's ciggie habit to live Australian radio from Derf's 40th birthday party in June 2008), but Daisy probably ordered her out on her bottom the next day. No probs, Amber, some Aussie friends, and a Sluuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrpppppppppson get to help Mary and Fred lap up some annual Mary-birthday-freebies! They couldn't afford it on their own, god knows! Free chalet and free flights (on the Lego plane?) are pretty hard to resist. Her og Nu is reporting that this trip is Fred's pressie to Mary and that the kids are not with them! The nannies aren't thrilled about thatty, but they have no vote! Questions remain, however: Why is Jane the only Boganson there? Are Patty and Jock and the gargoyles all on the outs? Or is Mary just discussing some ALERKA business with Jane? Is Kylie with them!? Poor Fred, he had to have known sooner rather than later that his upper crust friends would soon be on the skids in favour of the bogan friends. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!!!

Article: 8 February, Billed Bladet

Mary on a Birthday Holiday in a Swiss Ski Paradise

Mary celebrated her 40th birthday on Saturday and Sunday, and on Monday had taken off to Switzerland.

Mary and Crown Prince Frederik arrived Monday at 1pm to the ski paradise of Verbier in the Swiss Alps, and with them they had a decent bunch of friends. All arrived together in a rented bus.

Shortly after arrival, Crown Prince Frederik was off skiing in the mountains, while Mary took it easy in town and walked around and window shopped.

The Crown Prince likes to be in Verbier, where they've been skiing almost every year. Previously they stayed in his friend Peter Warnøe's chalet, but in recent years the royal couple have needed more space for their growing brood of children, so they now stay in a large chalet.

Among the many good Danish friends Mary and Frederik annually see in Verbier are Peter and Caroline Heering, Baron and Baroness Rebecca Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg and Caroline Fleming and her ex-husband Rory Fleming.

On this holiday, however, the royal couple came with a whole new bunch of Verbier friends. Among others, Mary has a couple of her Australian friends and one family member with her in the Alps.

Fred helping Jane with her skis.

Amber Petty with Kate Sutton in a photo from Amber's Facebook. She seems to be wearing one of Mary's down coats!

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