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Marie and Mary's Differences

The soft delineations between the uptight, unhappy Crown Princess and the breath of fresh air at Schackenborg continue. They call it rather clearly. Authored by Team Schackenborg?

Article: 9 February, BT

Here Are the Differences Between Mary and Marie

While Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie are similar in many ways, there are still some differences. B.T. has outlined the princesses' differences with the help of some experts.

Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie are as similar as two drops of water - and they also frightening many commonalities in their lives. Yet there are significant differences in the two Danish royals.

In the fashion arena, among others, there is very little similarity.

"It's the classic look with clean lines that characterises Mary, and Princess Marie is always more relaxed in jeans," says Chris Pedersen, chief editor of the fashion magazine Cover.

Therefore, Mary and Marie are so like each other it's very scary.

Chris Pedersen explains that while Mary has the classic princess-style and retains the classic forms of etiquette, Denmark's Princess Marie is a chic, urban woman with a cool and contemporary style.

The Crown Princess is more concerned with keeping the expected classic fashion label at hand, and there are specific reasons for this, according to royal expert Sørensen.

"Mary has a prominent role, which is very important," he says, adding that she has to undertake being Denmark's future Queen.

"She must show that she is worthy of the throne," he says.

Everything looks different for Marie.

"Marie doesn't have to prove anything, so she can afford to be a little more laid back in her clothes," says Chris Pedersen.

Mary went to Fashion Week

Most Danes think that Mary and Marie are scary similar. But they aren't, according to Lars Hovbakke Sørensen.

So, why would we believe that there's reason to think like that. Unlike most other princesses in Europe, both Mary and Marie have arrived from other countries.

"Just because they both come from outside of the country, we Danes have no relation to them from before they came to Denmark and became royal. Therefore, we consider them as being quite similar," says the royal expert.

But it's not just an inconvenience.

"Because we only identify them as royalty, to Danes they can rise above to the level of royalty," concludes Lars Hovbakke Sørensen.

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