Thursday, February 9, 2012

Verbier 2012: The Sporty Mary Myth Dies Another Death While Amber Shops

Yrma and Derfie in Verbier in 2005.

BB sent a roving reporter to Verbier to be able to report all the latest news on the royal freeloading party from Switzerland. Mary's happy mug in most photos lets on that she had let BB know that the group would be in Verbier and on what day they'd arrive. Fame-whoring is a 24/7 enterprise, folks! Danish friends are also in tow, including Caroline Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille (babysitting Amber on Daisy's orders?), the Reedtz-Thotts and the Skeels.

Article: 9 February, Billed Bladet

Mary Is in a Sharp Workout on the Slopes of Verbier

Crown Princess Mary loves to ski in the Alps, and she has long been an accomplished skier who can handle most challenges on the slopes. But you can always be better, and therefore early Thursday morning Mary met with her own private ski instructor at the ski lift in Verbier.

It was obvious that Mary and the female teacher have met before, for there was traceable joy between them with the traditional two kisses on each cheek for each other. The instructor, who was dressed in the traditional Swiss red, ski instructor-suit, spoke at length with the Crown Princess before they both grabbed their skis and sat down in the lift, which led them a few thousand metres up the mountain to some of the most demanding slopes.

The Crown Princess has hinted before to Billed Bladet that although she is quite good on skis, Crown Prince Frederik is better in part because of his greater experience. This is probably because Mary wants to keep up better with his consort skiglade on the slopes that she during her 40-year birthday skiing now intensify training in the Swiss Alps.


This week in Verbier. Pretty clear that Mary called BB to join them, but didn't notify her husband who looks fairly annoyed.

Article: 9 February, Billed Bladet

Morning Fresh Mary Skiing in the Alps

Crown Princess Mary is enjoying her ski holiday in Verbier in the Swiss Alps. Early Wednesday morning she was among the first to take to the slopes over Verbier. Billed Bladet met the Crown Princess when, in her fashionable ski gear and black helmet walked toward the ski lift that would take her a few thousand metres up the mountain side to some of the crunchiest snow and sunshine that one can imagine.

Mary nodded a friendly good morning for Billed Bladet's benefit and then went to board the lift.

The Crown Princess was in the company of her husband Crown Prince Frederik, who was also refreshed and in a good mood. Der er bestemt heller ingen grund til andet. Kronprinsparret har valgt en helt perfekt uge til at stå på ski i Alperne.

A lot of snow has recently fallen and the weather is beautiful. And then the royal couple also have plenty of Danish friends to socialize with when they're up in the ski area. Among the ski happy friends are Baron Otto Reedtz-Thott and landowner Jørgen Skeel.


Article: 9 February, Billed Bladet

Crown Princess Mary Skis Without Amber

While Crown Princess Mary is enjoying the sun and the crisp snow at 2,000 metres on the slopes of Verbier ski paradise in the Swiss Alps, only her Australian friend Amber Petty is enjoying life at the foot of the ski mountains.

Amber is off with Mary and Crown Prince Frederik in Verbier along with several others of the royal couple's close friends. Most of the royal company are ski enthusiasts, but that's not the case with Amber, who is not so proficient on skis that she can cope with the demanding skiing in Verbier.

Amber likes snow and fresh mountain cold, but she's mostly about beaches and 30 degree heat, and there's not much of that in the Alps.

The good Miss Petty has exactly the former now, even though she has dropped the idea of skiing with Mary & Co. When Mary is in the mountains and zipping down the slopes, Amber mostly walks around the town of Verbier along with a few girlfriends and looks at expensive stores, shops a little and sits outside the various cafes and enjoys a cafe latte in the sun.

One of the days in Verbier, she had pleasant company of Countess Caroline Ahlefeldt on a little shopping tour round the town.

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