Friday, February 10, 2012

Verbier 2012: "Sporty Mary" Excels More in Cutesy-Poo Flirting Than Skiing

Mary flirting with her Navision fake boss Peter Warnøe who had the chalet where Fred and Mary used to stay in Verbier. He's the whole reason they come to this corner of Switzerland. Hell, he's the whole reason sister is still in Denmark at all - his offer of "employment" to Mary when she got kicked out of Amalienborg by Daisy in 2002 is what legitimised her! Peter's mother is a friend of Daisy and Henrik.

Zimbio provides us with these latest photos out of Verbier of Yrma, Derfie and their friends skiing. I guess Mary hits the slopes to avoid her Aussie friends and sister? They're only along to keep them in perceived cotton wool. We'll get to Amber eventually, Mary!! Passive-aggressive is the name of the game for both Mary and Fred. Oy, what a couple.

Mary again proves she is no skier. The length of her skis is one factor, and the bunny slopes and mid-slope conversations are others. Plus, BB revealed that she had some sessions with a professional instructor over the past couple of days. No Sporty Mary here, but can our girl flirt, or what? She's doing her best Slip Inn routine because she knows deep down that Fred's friends will abandon her in a heartbeat if anything were to come of their sham marriage. She's laying ground, staking claims, making arguments in the only way she knows how: sexualised flirting. Hence the appearance of the baboon bum which, if the rumours are true, Daisy has taken out a personal restraining order against!

With a different bloke: "Hi, do you like my ski pants? Not too tight around my crotch are they? You sure? Check again."

"Um, herro. Help here? Woo-hoo, oopsie, dropped a ski, might have to start bending down to get it. There goes my tight bum up in the air!"

With dude #3: "Oh, hai! I can haz some help with side of drooling at my slim, sporty physique, tiger?"

"Where'd this sheila come from? Exit stage right, sister, this is my corner."

"So, do you think Mary was flirting with him? It always feels like she's flirting with my friends."

Now, this is an experienced skier: poles tight in, skis parallel and close to each other

"Mary, tuck your shirt back in and let the poor bastard get back to his wife!"


  1. Peter Warnøe is a great friend. He probably did whatever his close friend needed in order to get Mary to stay in Denmark many years ago. Not that I am a great fan or hers, but at least some of Frederik's close friends are worth while. Fabricius- Bjerre's son is not only a loyal friend, but he is fun, handsome and has a big heart.

  2. I agree with you, Anony. Thanks for your informed comment!

  3. Suspicious absence of pix of Yrma actually skiing, always loads of her struggling with a pair of skis, posing in her latest polyester ski suit, it's all a bit activity displacement and no action, no zapping down the piste at the rate of knots, just the eternal battle with the apparatus...

  4. Agree lupina...have only seen one pic of hers, in the 7 or so years they've been to Verbier, skiing and that was in the bunny slope. Yrma does not know how to ski. Period. She knows how to pose with her designer ski suits, skis, and poles, but she has no skills or aptitude in skiing, whatsoever (just like in any of her "sporty" activities). She needs a ski instructor because her overall ability is embarrassing and she is forever in the beginners' runs while Fred & the rest of his Danish friends are in the expert runs.But no amount of instruction will hide the fact that she is an inept skier...a very humiliating fact.