Friday, February 3, 2012

Sportif!: Crown Prince Frederik with Team Denmark

Looking tired with a general patina of sadness, Derf was at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Wednesday to hand Team Denmark a cheque for 10 million kroner. Nice for them, but this isn't exactly what "IOC duties" entails. Try again! Also, keep trying on your speaking skills. Nothing you said makes too much sense and there is even a place in this short article when even the editor has to guess at what you meant.

Article: 3 February Starlounge

Crown Prince Frederik was Wednesday at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek to hand over a check from the merchant Herman Salling Memorial Foundation to Team Denmark.

The no less than 10 million kroner will go toward talent - something which, according to Crown Prince, is needed.

"I think it is extremely important when assessing whether to bet on sports career. It costs money to bet on a sports career, and you have to (maybe, ed.) Extend the training plan, so I think this is so nice to see," said Frederik, among others.

"I think certainly it's a nice wink and maybe an example to follow for other companies to come forward. There is a need for it. To the degree. And the attention you can get, and when athletes win medals for Denmark. It should give good echoes.

The sports happy Crown Prince also revealed that he, like Team Denmark, expects seven medals during the upcoming Olympics in London this summer - if not even more medals.

"I am in line with Team Denmark. Maybe even a little more that I say seven +, maybe eight +. We've put together a strong team and we are at home geographically and culturally."

Before they were to receive the cheque, badminton talents Jan Ø Jorgensen and Victor Axelsen gave us a taste of how they prepare for the Olympics. There was a temporary badminton course rigged up in one of the Glyptotek's opulent, historic halls.

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