Saturday, February 11, 2012

Verbier 2012: Sporty Mary Continues to Tolerate Amber, Jane and Friends - Just Barely!

Mary shows Amber just exactly what she thinks of her. What an unhappy group of girls! You know those Aussie girls were convinced that flying to Copenhagen for Mary's party, then getting on Mary's freebie plane to Switzerland, wearing all of Mary's and Fred's wives' borrowed cold weather clothing, with thoughts of yummy, tan ski bums hovering about, was going to be an absolute blast. However, much like anything else to do with Mary, it sounded better in theory than in practice!! The wives of Fred's Danish friends are doing the right thing by hitting the slopes and getting away from that morose crowd!

Zimbio provides us with yesterday's photies from Verbier in which Mary seems saddled with her non-skiing Aussie "friends". I guess she's realising that importing friends up to Denmark for her birthday party, then letting Amber convince her to bring them along to Verbier, sounded good at the time. It's just HARD now hanging out with peasants after 10 years of royal luxury. Do these girls even know what an orchid IS? Ugh, so trying. Just listening to them seems to give Madam la Comtesse de Monpezat a migraine. At least the kiddos arrive today to be an excuse for these sheilas to hit the road.

Fred took pity on Jane and led her back up the slopes. But he seems to be skiing either alone or with his own friends, so Jane must be in ski school? Pa and Ma Boganson did not take their brood to hit the slopes in their childhood, that's for sure!

"Why don't you all go over there? Yeah, you'll like it. Stay a while. No, really. No problem, just hang out all afternoon. Stay into the evening if you want to. Really. You'll have a blast. Bye!"

"Mary, listen, we're just going to go on and hit the lifts. We're wasting good ski time. Just meet us later. Hang out with your Aussie friends! They came so far!" You can just see Mary choking at the thought of being left by rich, Danish nobles in the company of, er, regular chicks.

"Listen, follow them. Do NOT let them outta yer sight, and if you see them DARE to not pay or put it on Derf's tab, step in and settle the matter. They're already lucky enough that I have been so generous with a tax-payer funded birthday party and chalet, and a private flight to the Alps. If I presented them with a bill for all the champers they drank at my party alone, they'd be in my debt for years! WATCH THEM. Let me know what they do."

The chalet where the group is staying. Whadya bet the Aussie girls are sleeping in the rooms the kids normally do, and when Xian, Izzy and the Miracle Twins are flown down today, those girls will be effectively kicked out?


  1. Are my eyes deceiving me or is Mooch wearing the same parka that Princess Caroline wore on the slopes a few years back. Perhaps Caro left it in the chalet by mistake after a wild night with ... well ? ...

    Amazing what happens in a Verbier rental chalet ...

  2. Caro has the same brand jacket, but she's an actual skier so she merits such gear. Caroline also hits Austria, so no chance of her having to cross Mary's path in Switzerland. But you know who does go to Verbier: Sarah Ferguson! Fergie was in town recently mooching off her ex. She and our Mares have something in common.