Friday, February 3, 2012

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Mary at CIFF Events

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visited both the Bella Centre and Gallerie at the Forum this morning to continue showing support of her fashion industry patronage CIFF after ignoring it for too long. She was dressed in a pretty, but sheer green shirt, an exposed black bra, a pair of black, modified-sailor trousers and her black coat with spotted fur hem and cuffs on 3/4 sleeves. What a mess. The sleeves of her sheer green shirt were inelegantly peeking through. Her hair was scraped back in a sloppy ponytail, bobby pins showing, exposing her Dumbo ears, grey hair and showing off her silly gold chain earrings and necklace which was lost in the bow of her shirt. At least LIW Caroline Heering was there, looking fabulous in curled, bouncy hair, indignantly holding Madam's coat. (How is there no coat check at these things?)

Photo Galleries: Berlingke and BT. The last photo in BT's gallery is scathing!


  1. You can definitely tell when Mary does her own hair. At least, I hope she did because it looks like crap.

  2. ^ I don't understand what's wrong with her hair. She looks a bit tired but good in general.

  3. Anna, do look at the last photo in the BT gallery (link provided). Her hair could not have been professionally done. If it was, she needs to fire whoever did both the styling and colouring (there is another photo showing coarse grey hair sprouting from her part). Either colour it, or go grey naturally, and sister's got a lot more grey hair than what's seen in these photies.