Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Derf and Yrma to Travel to South Korea. Each With Plans to Dump the Other Across the DMZ Line.

Hm, shades of this former royal visit to South Korea. Daisy's getting impatient!

Article: 8 February, Berlingske

Frederik and Mary will travel to South Korea

The Crown Princely Couple begins their visit with participation in the official opening of the world exhibition EXPO 2012

Denmark intends on strengthening its relationship with South Korea, and therefore Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will undertake a trip to the Asian country in May.

Frederik and Mary will be in South Korea during the period of May 12-15, and will be accompanied by a business delegation, with a focus on commercial and cultural activities designed to strengthen bilateral relations between Denmark and South Korea, announced today in a press release from the Royal Family.

"The Crown Princely Couple begins their visit by participating in the official opening of the world exhibition EXPO 2012 in the South Korean port city of Yeosu, in which Denmark is represented in the exhibition in the Danish pavilion," writes the Royal Court.

"The visit will also focus on green growth, among other things, and follow the green growth alliance that was established under President Lee's state visit to Denmark in May 2011."

The cultural part of the visit will focus on Danish design and dance, which are two areas where Denmark and South Korea have begun working together.


  1. Yrma's very programmed public performances are a necessity, an impulsive and natural response from her is not on the cards, or Derf's for that matter, they lollop around in luxurious limbo, read their lines, cut the ribbons, and disappear over the horizon to far away Korean places, to do something with 'green growth', which ClownPrincess Yrma prolly thinks has some horticultural connection, a cabbage maybe, since real involvement to her is synonymous with serious shopping, her indifference is plastered all over her kabuki face.

  2. Nobody puts it like you do, lupina. Kimchi Jong Mary! You know, she'd like it in Pyongyang: mandatory dieting and cabbage is a diuretic, so no bloating!