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Derfie's Secret Facebook Profile! "Is Frederik Archaic?", Ask Danish Tabs

Well, he ain't modern, that's for sure! Mummy married him off in an arranged marriage (expedited by his old-fashioned and disproven notion that unwanted girls will eventually slink home). He actually thinks he can have a secret Facebook account (Fred, internet conversations are never really private. There is always a record of conversations). Is the secret FB page a way for Team Freddles to circumvent the temper and fury of Madame La Comtesse de Monpezat and look for a new wifie-poo? If only Katja Storkholm were a friend. Maybe she's got a secret name, too?

Though not confirmed by Ms. Balleby, and as discussed in the articles below by Royal Dish friends such as Trine Villemann, many feel that Jens Peter Hansen is indeed the crown prince. Jens Peter studied at Aarhus, like Freddles. Jens Peter only has 21 friends, all of whom are Fred's nearest and dearest friends and apologists (Jeppe Handwerk, Xian's godfather, was the one who claimed that Fred's blonde dance club honey from the night before the christening of the Miracle Twins was both an employee of his and a family friend; the three Buchwald siblings are the children of Isabella's godfather Dr. Christian Buchwald, Fred's tennis partner).

Poor Denmark. Surrounded by more modern monarchies - the Norwegian Crown Prince couple has a FB page and gives Twitter updates, the Brits for all their reputation for stoicism is remarkably up to date and informative - the Danes have not been moved into the modern era by self-described saviour Mary Boganson who talks a good game about modernisation, but would rather shop.

But what would be in a real profile for Fred? Perhaps something like this:

From: Copenhagen, Denmark

Studied at: Aarhus University, JFK School of Government at Harvard

Relationship: It's Complicated. Really complicated. Y'all don't even understand.

Interested in: Women. Any kind. Just actual, real, biological women. With a pulse.

Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Roberta Flack, Frank Zappa

Television: Big Brother, X-Factor, Paradise Hotel, Klovn

Personal Interests: Busty & Blonde, Maseratis, Sailing, Relaxing, Drinking, Hanging Out, Cycling, Medical Marijuana, Passive-Agression, Hunter S. Thompson, Tasty Thai Teens, Mountain Biking, Hunting (animals), Hunting (babes)

: BT

Is Jens Peter Hansen Crown Prince Frederik on the social network?

Does he have a secret account?

Jens Peter Hansen. His name could not sound more anonymous. Or more Danish. He has no picture on his Facebook profile.

He is totally anonymous. But the circle on his Facebook profile is anything but anonymous.

If you look closer, a pattern emerges. Everything indicates that it is Crown Prince Frederik's secret Facebook profile. He studied at Aarhus University. That he is also called 'Frede'. So far, only 21 friends.

Among friends, we find Frederik's close friend since their time in the Navy SEALs, Jeppe Handwerk; Mary's close friend, private secretary and adviser Caroline Heering; and Mary's good friend and hairstylist Søren Hedegaard - married to Line 3's Preben Kristensen.

A close study of Jens Peter Hansen's group of friends discovers that he is an expert in Australia. Crown Princess Mary's birth country.

On his friend Ida von Buchwald's profile you will find an e-mail correspondence between "Jens Peter" and Ida von Buchwald, who has attended all Frederik and Mary's official celebrations. Recently, Princess Isabella's christening.

"Brisbane," writes Ida Buchwald in her open profile.

"Is it not also an advantage to be a Dane .. :-)," asks Jens Peter.

"Yes, we are certainly popular down here :) Enjoying it! Tell if there is something we just HAVE to see here! Hugs," wrote Buchwald back to Jens Peter.

Jens Peter did not comment further and did not 'like' anything.

Among other friends in Jens Peter's profile are the Crown Prince's childhood friend Holger Foss, and the three siblings Ida, Andreas and Anna Buchwald, who are among the close friends. Henrik Olsen knows the Crown Prince through his friendship with Count Ditlev Ahlefeldt-Laurvig. Jesper Riise was crew for the Crown Prince in 2009.

"Jens Peter Hansen's a very common Danish name," says royal expert Trine Villemann, who thinks the Facebook profile is remarkable.

"If Jens Peter Hansen is a member of the Danish royal family, it's about time that the royals begins to take an interest in social media. The Norwegian royal family is on twitter and Facebook. The English court has created a site with everything about the upcoming wedding between William and Kate. There is not much in this country, it is as if the Danish royal family is asleep," says royal expert Trine Villemann, who has written several books about the Danish royal family.

Crown Prince Frederik has repeatedly used common Danish names.

The Crown Prince called himself Frederik Henriksen when he studied at Harvard.

An anonymous source with knowledge of the Danish royal family says to BT:

"Maybe the royal family calls itself Hansen for fun on the internet. The queen has on occasions when she wished to remain anonymous, been called Marie Hansen. The Crown Prince has more than once called himself Hansen on festive occasions in the city. Among other things, at concerts, the source said.

The Court's press chief Lene Balleby did not return BT's calls last night. None of the names listed in the profile returned BT's calls last night. Two responders concurrently said, "my Facebook profile is a private matter."


Article and audio: BT Funny audio of Jens Peter Hansen's friends having a hard time keeping up their game voices when asked if they're FB friends with Crown Prince Frederik's alias.

Frederik's Secret Facebook Friend Lets The Cat Out of the Bag

Only the closest friends of the royal couple are friends on what seems to be Crown Prince Frederik's secret Facebook profile.

21 in order to be absolutely precise.

And after BT Monday morning revealed that the future king of Denmark is hiding behind the bourgeois alias of Jens Peter Hansen on Facebook, we have tried in vain to get a comment from several of his friends.

Most have hung up, but few have attempted to answer evasively about whether they are actually friends with the Crown Prince on Facebook.

Among the crown prince's friends is Søren Lauritsen, who was at the baptism of Prince Christian.

Since BT corners Søren Lauritsen for a comment, plumper, he on the way in and going to preface it.

Here is a transcript of the interview:

"This is Søren Lauritsen."

"This is James Christopher Miles, a journalist at B.T. I'm calling because you are friends with Jens Peter Hansen on Facebook. We have written a story that the profile belongs to Crown Prince Frederik. Can you tell us whether that is correct?"

"I do not know anything about that (laughs lightly)."

"You do not know anything about it? But you are a friend of Jens Peter Hansen?"

"I am friends with Jens Peter Hansen ... I think."

"Yes, it's Crown Prince Frederik?"

"Not to my knowledge. None, right, is not it so that I know about it in that sense ... I'd rather not comment on the situation. He must ... That he must use their judgement. Do not misunderstand me. I just can not really do much else, it sounds evasive from the crown prince's friend."

Also the crown princely couple's assistant nanny, Signe Neergaard, avoids answering the question of whether her and Denmark's future king's friends on Facebook.

"This is Signe."

"Well hi, this is James Christopher Miles, a journalist at BT. We have written a story that Jens Peter Hansen's profile belongs to Crown Prince Frederik. Can you confirm whether this is correct?"

"Gee ... Nah ..."

"Can you confirm or deny that?"

"No, I can not ... But I'm in Poland right now, so it's crazy expensive. So can we not speak another day?

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