Thursday, February 2, 2012

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Katja and Amber Join in the Fun!

The gorgeous Katja Storkholm, love of Fred's life

Copenhagen Fashion Week has started off with a bang. Surprise feature: the presence of Crown Princess Mary (who seemed to boycott her own fashion patronage for the past couple of years), publicity bestie Miss Amber Petty, and the still hot, Number 1 Frex Ex Katja Storkholm looking better than everyone. Cocaine queen and society whinger Rigmor Zobel has made a couple of appearances, and Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott has showed up at the politically incorrect fur show.

Additional photos from 1 February event at the Nimb Hotel for Stasia:

Designer Stasia

Rigmor Zobel

At the 1 February Ole Yde runway show at Georg Jensen, Amber Petty, Camilla Arndt (frequent royal guest on the arm of music legend Bent Fabricius-Bjerre), and Rigmor Zobel with (?) Michaela Kjær, young and privileged daughter of a friend and hunting guest of Henrik and Daisy (if that's her). Amber is wearing the same outfit she accessorised with toilet paper on the bottom of her shoe from an outing to a disco on the eve of the twins' christening when Freddles was seen "networking" with a blonde "family friend" and employee of buddy Jesper Handwerk. Ole Yde is the designer of the tragic gold dress Mary wore to the New York City American-Scandinavian Society anniversary ball with the other Nordic monarchs. Did Amber chat with Rigmor about Danish "snow"?

At the 1 February Copenhagen Furs Show at City Hall, Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott with Cristal Luttichau, daughter of Daisy's bestie Susanne Heering and sister to Peter Heering, married to Yrma's LIW/Private Secretary. Below them is Schackenborg friend, designer Charlotte Sparre.

At the 1 February CIFF Kids Show at the Bella Centre, Rigmor Zobel and her striking young daughter Esther:

Finally, Jim Lyngvild at the David Andersen show at Radiohuset, 1 February. Jim is a fashion contributor to Billed Bladet, among other media outlets, and has actually been paid to host a "Mary Conference", documented in Billed Bladet, that purports to explain to paid guests why Mary Donaldson is the most beautiful and glamourous woman in the world. No shitting you.

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