Friday, February 24, 2012

Derfie Opens Per Kirkeby Greenland Art Exhibit After All Night Vickie Bender

At Ordrupgaard in Charlottenlund this afternoon, a worn, weary Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark stumbled in to open an exhibit of artist Per Kirkeby's Greenland series of paintings. It looks like he is coming down off a bender to celebrate his lovely Victoria's new little baby. Pink it's-a-girl tie, disheveled hair, bumbling about, our Derfie must not have caught much sleep last night as he drank, cried and texted Vickan encouragement and congratulations. Perhaps the name Mary was an agreement between the old friends to keep Madame La Comtesse de Monpezat happy and relaxed until she shoves off to the US in another day or two to shop til she drops, er, rock the socks off of an international women's shelter conference with her Buddy Bags! Fred's got the palace to himself for a week! Party to be continued! Perhaps with lovely blonde women named Estelle, Silvia and Eva to keep things "honourable".

Court Press Release: Kongehuset


  1. His face looks like someone slept in it, maybe they did, but I doubt it was Yrma, the pretentious princess, who wouldn't say shit if she had a mouth full, but there again, Derf like slumming it, just like he did in Porter Street that night...

  2. Hope he had a raging party the night before. He sure looks like he's been on a three-day bender. Party on, Fred. Party on.