Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mary 40: Amber Petty, Best Friend, Part Three

In 2009 when Amber was in the middle of her gig as a brekkie show host at SAFM in Adelaide, she let the press into her apartment to take some photos. Bad move. The nearly 40 year old is surrounded by loads of cards, photos, pages ripped from magazines and loads of paper hearts and fairy figurines. She lets the photographer take photies of her trying on clothes and jewellery, and "relaxing" at home. Everything circled in red has a royal connection, including what could possibly be the long dark pink dress Daisy designed for her to wear at the wedding as bridesmaid. Most all the Mary-related stuff are formal cards, sent from the Court and robo-signed. Poor Amber.

Is the long reddish dress the one that Daisy designed for Amber's stint as a royal bridesmaid?


  1. So sad. It looks like the room of a 12 year-old girl. She also looks like a 12 year-old because of the way she's sitting in front of the TV. She seems emotionally stunted. Poor Amber.

  2. I know, pix, she might as well be in pyjamas holding a bowl of cereal. There's something about the many cards and photos she has displayed that speaks to her grasping at quantities of friends and not quality, not deep friendships with real emotional intimacy, and that is so sad to me. She's smart enough, and seems like she could be a fun co-worker/neighbour/friend, but the fairy crap just says that she's not truly interested in going deep, it's all fake spirituality. Unlike Mary, she seems to have empathy and kindness, but is held back by fear and insecurity. They're actually quite different. With the right friends - and a willingness - Amber could really have a great life. As silly as the SAFM morning crew could be, that seemed to give her a sense of family. Too bad she blew that.