Monday, February 27, 2012

Psyche: First Day of Mary's US Conference Triumph Trumped By Darling Estelle

Poor little Princess Elle. She seems so troubled by her fourth name, really trying to reconcile it. But she'll soon understand. It's just been revealed that Daisy and Silvia, with consultations by Sonja, Maxima, and Marie, have cleverly decided that if they could convince Vickan and Dansie to add Mary as a caboose (arse end, if you please!) to their adorable daughter's name, not a difficult task given the new parents' penchant for the new and sentimental, that Mary would then be forever tied to royal protocol and discipline, forced to march in lock-step with the party line. In the wake of Yrma's ectasy following last Friday's announcement of the names, the reality will sink in and Mary will see that Daisy has called checkmate and Mary's right now sitting in a middle-level hotel room, several miles from the centre of Washington and the presidential guest quarters, Blair House, where gorgeous Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt had the great honour of staying on that very same day of the names announcement. Now everyone's talking about the Oscars, which Mary probably watched in the loneliness of her hotel room. C'mon, Mary, you gonna rally? Or are you gonna let these dames just run right over you? You're a Boganson, Mary, give us your best! We're waiting!

(Dear readers, you will be relieved to know that the original fourth name was to be the very royal and Swedie compound name Désirée-Ulrika-Kristina.)

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