Friday, March 9, 2012

Derf at the Danish Geographic Society

Look at our little Derfie! All these working visits away from Madam, well, gosh, he's almost looking cute and huggable! Maybe Yrma does need to just keep trying to become someone in the US, because when these two are continents apart, someone gets a little pink back into his cheek and a little skip in his step. Keep it up, ol' boy!

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

The Crown Prince in his capacity as Chairman presented greetings at a meeting of The Royal Danish Geographic Society on Wednesday, 5 March. The meeting focussed on Mongolia.

The Crown Prince appoints Chamberlain Søren Haslund-Christensen honourary member of the society. In connection with the meeting, Haslund-Christensen gave a presentation on Mongolia, which he has visited on several expeditions.

The Crown Prince received on behalf of the society, a flag Søren Haslund-Christensen's father, Henning Haslund-Christensen, used during his expeditions to Mongolia. The picture shows from left: vice president Christian Wichmann Matthiessen, the Crown Prince and Søren Haslund-Christensen.

Photos: Zong Min Peng/Royal Press; Christian Meyer, Kongehuset; Hasse Ferrold

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