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Trouble in Paradise?: Derfie's Friends Selling Multi-Million Dollar Homes

Ooh-ooh. Derfie's friends are falling on hard times which does not bode well for him and Madam having fun on their tab, as they usually do as the Grand Master and Mistress in their frequent showy parades of freebies (pesky taxpayers complaining about their spending). First Peter Warnøe, who "hired" Mary for a fake job at his Microsoft subsidiary Navision back in 2002, has had to put his home on the market (for just shy of 79 million kroner!). Now Jeppe and Brigitte Handwerk are selling their large home of only less than two years. Jeppe is Fred's Navy SEALS partner and godfather to Christian, and looks to be somewhat of a house flipper and amateur profiteer. Show me your friends, as the saying goes.

Warnøe's McPalace, like Jeppe Handwerk's, is north of Copenhagen on the waterfront of the Øresund (the sound that separates Denmark and Sweden), in the very ritzy, desirable and snooty so-called 'Whisky Belt' along the coastal motorway, the Strandvej. This is the area where Christian attends public grammar school, a decision by the DumbleDorks that is not very democratic nor wise, since their family of royal gargoyles does not pay property tax in the area (Derf and Yrma probably use one of their friends' addresses) and clearly only wants slow Christian to socialise with the richie riches of Denmark instead of challenging him intellectually as a legacy student at Krebs' Skole.

Article: BT

The Crown Prince's Best Friend Sells Million Kroner Palace

Crown Prince Frederik's closest friend, millionaire and business owner Jeppe Handwerk, has in just two years as a homeowner in Vedbæk, decided to sell his villa.

Handwerk paid 35 million kroner in November 2010 for a magnificent palace at Vedbæk, with the address of Strandvej 434, after negotiating the price down by 15 million kroner. But now he will take out the 403-square-foot house looking out over the Øresund coast, with an offer of 45 million kroner, the Crown Prince's friend hopes to score 10 million kroner, writes

Fountains and pavilions

The sale of the luxury villa is handled by luxury broker Ivan Eltoft Nielsen, and he emphasises, among other things, the over 5000 square meters of grounds, lattice gates at the entrance pond with statue and fountain and the two pavilions at the water's edge where you can enjoy views over the Sound.

Inside, the house is modernised and can be bid on a new kitchen and three new bathrooms, hall, lounge and library.

Tips from Warnøe

Maybe Jeppe Handwerk can get tips on selling from another of Crown Prince Frederik's close friends, IT-millionaire Peter Warnøe, who last year put his huge villa on Taarbæk Strandvej on sale for 77.9 million kroner.

No one has yet shown themselves willing to pay the price, but if you can scrape together the tens of millions, you will get among other things, access to a 540 square meter house with wine cellar, 10 bedrooms, a cinema and fitness and spa area with Jacuzzi, a cold water bath, steam bath and sauna.

Gave Mary a job

Jeppe Handwerk, who owns a construction company, Copenhagen Group, met Crown Prince Frederik in the Frogman Corps in 1995 and has since been one of his closest friends.

Jeppe Handwerk and his wife, Birgitte Handwerk, stood as godparents respectively, to Prince Christian and Princess Josephine. Warnøe, who founded IT companies Merkantildata and Aston group, has long been a regular visitor to Crown Prince couple events and has for several years made his ski chalet in Switzerland available when Frederik and Mary needed a holiday.

He also helped Mary get a job at Microsoft.

Warnøe's place

Handwerk's place

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