Friday, March 2, 2012

Mary Who?

So The Mary Show came and went from Washington, DC with no real effect on the ground or in the hearts and minds of Americans. Not even conference go-ers seemed to care! Joke's on you, Mary! You are a nothing and a nobody because you have made a conscious decision to be a vacuous, worthless person, a non-contributor to society, a materialist, a fake, a consumer, a caricature and a liar. You are not connected, spiritual, grounded, honest or real. You have narcissism, not morality. You will be the last queen of Denmark. Just hope for yourself that your end as a royal comes with a livable wage compensation package and not a guillotine. It takes a lot of pissing on Danish cornflakes to get those folks riled up, but once you do, Jantelow oblige, that's Viking blood you've stirred up. Pas på, baby!

Article: Ekstra Bladet

Mary? Mary Who?

TV2’s homepage is openly so happy for the royal house that they've added the headline "Mary takes the USA by storm".

This pronouncement was quickly negated by one of Berlingske's USA correspondents, David Trads, who lives in Washington, DC.

On Facebook he was quick to point out:

"No, I can promise that she's not doing anything – because there is hardly one person who is aware that she's here. If I asked everyone I met today about Mary's visit, I can guarantee you that there is not one person who knows she is here," the reporter wrote on his paper's FB account.

According to there is only one paper in Tasmania that has written about the visit.


  1. Thank you, Cece, for some of the best snark on the web!

  2. Just look at the way she sails past that child who is trying to shake hands with her, she isn't even looking,- hard to comprehend that a person can be so ignorant and arrogant, and in public! The PR department down at the Yellow ( as in jaundice) Palace should market HRH as Denmark's best kept secret, since the rest of the world doesn't know/care about her. By the by, the FB comments on D Trads's page are from Danes,...'Who the f***k is Mary' etc!!!

  3. He's also FB friends with Trine Villemann!

    This is a very telling exchange in the (70 so far!) comments on David's post about Mary:
    Henrik Lilholt: "David, do you think the marketing value of the Danish royals abroad is a bit exaggerated?"
    David Trads: "@Henrik: Ja."

    Ja, indeed!