Sunday, March 25, 2012

Charles & Camilla in DK: Sluuuuurrrrrrppppp on Thissie

Oh, that Princess Mary Boganson is a slippery wench! Poor Charles and Camilla woke up refreshed in Copenhagen on a lovely spring morning after an exciting evening visiting with the Danish Environmental Minister and did what any good Anglican would do: they went to church! Song, praise, reflection, community, God's love - all without Roman patriarchy or Calvinist gloom. There was even a tree to plant! At St. Alban's Anglican Church, they say "The Lord be with you". Presbyterian Pict Mary made sure that the Sluuuurrrrrpppsons were "also with you". Whassup, Mares, Jock need a new job already? The UTAS pension's not covering the costs of their aristocratic retirement, even considering they raid Prince Henrik's wine cellars whenever Mary's in town? Mary didn't even have a good excuse for not attending Charles and Camilla's wedding in 2005, despite being the recipient of a rare invitation. Boy, do big, hairy, looker-me balls run in that family! Thank goodness for the innate, hyper-royal politeness of Charles and Camilla.

So Professor Jock 'Half-Mast' Boganson (despite NOT being Anglican) and his wife The Dumpling were absolutely in their rummage store finest avec signet pinkie ring (à la Charles) and looming as ever in the background but within the ropes (or yellow crime scene tape, as it were) standing next to Court Chief Christian Eugen Olsen with anxiety-ridden Lene Balleby not far away. What palace meanderings must be behind this! Or can Jock & Suse just show up and expect to be accommodated by overly polite Danes, just as they do at the funerals of Daisy's friends? Or rather, did Calvinist Cockup Mary - despite not telling her father about her twins pregnancy - see a benefit to having Pa & Susan leave their Cayx-adjacent converted goat barn avec satellite dish to come to Copenhagen and meet the future king of Great Britain? Are they hoping for a house on the Balmoral property? Or a suite of rooms at Highgrove? Do they expect now to be invited to the coronation? How much does Daisy know, and is this why Daisy isn't meeting herself with the British couple until the big, fancy dinner or is Daisy absence the reason why Mary felt she could install the dipshit duo in their role as official Danish representatives? Denmark, welcome to your future. It isn't pretty!

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Camilla looks smashing when she's this far away from Mary!


  1. Cannot believe that Professor McShowmyballs had the *ahem* balls to slurp his way into this event. Mary must have something on Marge. Or Marge has been hitting the crack pipe. Those are the only two possible explanations for this nonsense.

  2. Great nickname for Half-Mast! Honestly, pixiekitty, the more I think about it, the more I think the Bogansons just showed up in Denmark, with Mary's knowledge, if not Daisy's, and decided to appear at the church with Mary making a half-hearted call to Lene to just let them in. You just know they were at the private dinner last night, too. The Danish court is no different from the rest of the population: they do not question their royals and if Mary's family wants in on the show, they'll let them. Daisy must really be wondering how her No Danish Girls marriage policy went so wrong. Don't see the Storkholms in the background, do we?!