Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrpppppp!: Two Grifters and a Signet Pinkie Ring: Jock Boganson and Susan Moody Riding Their British Royals High

Nikolai has the right idea: body language AWAY from The Dumpling!

"Foolish modesty lags behind while brazen impudence goes forth and eats the pudding." - Eleanor Brackenridge, American suffragist

Professor John "Half-Mast" Donaldson and his wife Susan Moody, aka The Dumpling, along with the gold signet pinkie ring avec infinity symbol, are taking their brazen impudence on a Grand Tour of Denmark, even after getting kicked out by Daisy, who was afraid of spending Christmas with her daughter-in-law's parents, and even though they were not told of Yrma's arranged twins pregnancy except by an aunt in Scotland who heard the news over the radio. These two have balls. Big, hairy, smelly, Pictish balls that they are going to throw as if they were bowling, with Daisy and her family as the pins. Watch out! They came to sluuurrrrrppppp at the freebies trough, trade on their relationship to Yrma and the tiny, demented future king (hehe, that could be either Derf or Xian!) and network for more opportunities for freebies! Hey, Danes are uber-polite in company and with their noted slowness, can be taken for granted easily, ensuring many years of invites and buffet tables.

This time, it was poor Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksberg's turn. Poor Nikolai and Felix, though! At least the good manners their parents are teaching them will help deal with strange creatures more like Prince Charles does than like Mary Donaldson would! Alex had to put up with the Sluuuuuurrrrrrpppppsons before at the English Speaking Union, for which she has long been the patron. In fact, the Donaldsons were interviewed at that event and Suse was all too eager to let down the side and spill the beans, while Jock publically corrected her not to talk too much! What a hoot these two can be. Good luck, Denmark! You'll never get rid of this family!!

Photos: Hasse Ferrold blog

In fact, these grifters have a friend in photographer Hasse Ferrold, who not only took the photies of Jock and Suse at the English Speaking Union the other day, but is also with the International Club of Copenhagen whose site the photos are on (Jock got to speak to this illustrious group not long ago - en kilt, bien sur!) and is in addition to that - hey! - the ol' chap's also a dentist! Now we know where Jock got his new Hollywood chompers.

At the International Club gathering, 2011

Photos: Hasse Ferrold


  1. So funny. J'adore tes billets!

  2. Lately, Mary seems even more pompous ( if that was even possible) and now her family has had more visible roles in semi official events. I'm starting to wonder if Fred will ever give her the boot.

  3. Mary og Frederik smukke og elskende par. Og du er alle ynkelige idioter

  4. Spil rart, anony! Play nice please. Saying that Derf and Yrma are a beautiful and loving couple says worse about you than you calling all of the commenters here pathetic idiots.

  5. I thought for a minute Yrma left that message but I had forgotten she still hasn't learned to speak Danish let alone write in Danish!

  6. Hehe. Yrma's comments would be SO easily recognisable! Look for bad English, loopy syntax and down market grammar. Same for Amber, I'd imagine, except Ambs would add several exclamation points and all caps "FOR BLOODY EFFECT U LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL