Monday, March 26, 2012

Charles & Camilla in DK: Sexy Lace and Twitchy Left Feet For Somber Military Respects

Princess Yrma decided that the night after a private dinner with the future King of Australia and her flasher father and step-dumpling in the same room - subjecting the well-brought up Charles and Camilla to scenes of Taswegian bogans snorting through the buffet leftovers, scooping the rest of the dinner rolls and crab soufflé into Suse's utilitarian bag purchased at the Monoprix near Cayx (Charles thought such lights-out stories he heard at Geelong were tall tales, not actual fact!) - she would be in the driver's seat and show Daisy just exactly where her allegiances are - not Denmark! Today, the heirs to the British and Danish thrones laid a wreath and paid respects at the Danish war monument. Mary thinks it would be fun to show up at a solemn ceremony in a white lace dress under her coat, signaling her Madonna/whore complex. But sister is never actually in control! That Left Foot starts a-twitchin' and lets down the side: Mary is a nervous wreck around royal and well-behaved people, even those like Charles and Camilla who are rumoured to have a wicked and fun sense of humour.

After the outdoor ceremony, Danish war veterans were subjected to an insincere visit by their distracted and unserious Crown Princely Couple as well being delighted by the British couple who are most aware of the important role that veterans and the military play in British life. Charles and Camilla come from military families themselves, and Charles has the dubious distinction of being a parent of a war veteran. Mary tries to hold court and do her standard reach out and scare a child routine while Charles appears hyper relaxed, in his element, tea cup in hand, surrounded by brave and strong soldiers who have been prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Derfie sacrified his country for a bogan. Not quite the same, izzit?

Later in Helsinøre, site of Hamlet's castle (Kronborg), Charles and Camilla dumped the Danish Disasters and did a good, old fashioned British walkabout and met the locals, clearly charming them all, including the pups, and with a taste of yummy Danish ice cream. A naturalness and ease that is clearly lacking in the Danish couple and a lesson that they are too thick to absorb. The British couple is a pair of pros and they were probably relieved to have an afternoon free from their two idiot hosts.

Article: Daily Mail

Photo Gallery: Berlingske

Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder

Eyeliner must be on the "Kate Middleton at 50" setting

How can you not love this photo of Camilla and her posture in front of this amazingly tall soldier - she's afraid of nothin'!

Charles toured the Rasmussen furniture workshop where they create classic Danish designs

Photos: Torkil Adsersen and Søren Bidstrup


  1. Mary is always talking with her hands. Does she think she looks smarter- what an ass.

  2. Mary is such an idiot. She really is super insecure I think. Look at the duchess, so much more royal and natural.
    Mary's too dumb to see that.
    You can't teach the blind to see!

  3. I just love that Cams took off her hat when they met the veterans. That shows her accessibility, Mary's too busy pretending she's better than everyone else-
    The daily mail says that camilla is in purple because its a color of remembrance. good touch, Mary didn't get that memo

  4. Superb reporting Cece! simply superb.