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Derfie's Ski Trainer Speaks Out

Sometimes, we're reminded about what a cute little pixie Freddles really can be. He did a great job at the Vasaløbet race in Sweden last weekend - heck, just by showing up he did a great job, then he completed the 90 km run in just over 6 hours. Yes, we smell a whiff of 'Mary's in the US loading up on sales at the mall so Katja gets some birthday attention and I get Katja's attention'. But still, well done. Here, Freddie's coach speaks out. Glad that there is someone in his life who can cheer him on! Stay strong and focussed, Fred! Good health leads to a strong brain and more acute powers of reasoning. You will need to be in tip top shape in order to fight Plague Donaldson and maybe even realise you can wrestle it to the ground!

Article: BT

In all discretion, Crown Prince Frederik has managed to train on public roads and alleys, so that his form was so good that he seamlessly completed the Vasaløbet on Sunday.

Iron Frederik, as one is tempted to call Denmark's Crown Prince, once again has proved that the country's future king is tougher and in better shape than most.

This past weekend, Frederik completed Vasaløbet's entire 90 km and even did it in a remarkably good time. It took Frederik exactly 6:35:32 hours to run from Sälen to Mora, Sweden. This makes up an average of 14.4 km/h, which is very fine.

"When you take on an average speed of 14.4 km, you're going fast. I myself took on the Vasa race this year in seven hours. But now I've set myself a goal that I will beat the Crown Prince's time next year. It is a good target to go for," laughs the actor and marathon runner Lars Boom.

Requires hard training

He is convinced that Frederik has trained iron-hard to implement one of the world's longest cross-country skiing races. And he reveals Crown Prince Frederik's personal trainer to the race, Ulrich Ghisler. He has trained Frederik until the Vasa race and was Frederik's coach and trainer in the race.

"Frederik called me himself in October to ask if I would train him," says Ulrich Ghisler.

Besides Frederik, he had two of his friends also participate in the race. The trio were well aware that Ulrich Ghisler was not a 'Mr Nobody." Ghisler is in fact a qualified doctor, has been coach of the Danish cross country ski team and was physician to the Swedish cross country ski team. In addition, he helped to develop a ski machine, the Thorax Trainer, specifically targeted to cross-country skiers. The latter machine he recommended that Frederik purchase and train on.

"And he did. The lecture was that he should come to train two or three times a week. The training consisted of running, roller skis and the ski machine," describes the trainer.

He recommended that Frederik run early in the morning when the fat metabolism could develop best. Thus, Frederik got up in pitch darkness and ran over 5-10 kilometers per morning, while Mary, Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine still lay sleeping sweetly in their beds at Amalienborg.

"It fit well with Frederik's family. He also had to do 25-30 push-ups every day. And he has really done it. During the race on Sunday, Frederik said several times to me: I'm glad I did the push-ups," says Ulrich Ghisler.

Trained in public streets

Additionally, Frederik took rides of 20-35 km on roller skis on public streets and paths. Denmark's future king has used the bike paths in and north of Copenhagen to train on.

"He has run on roller skis on the cycle track from Amalienborg and out to Charlottenlund. And then he reached the Holte area and in Grib Forest in North Zealand," reveals the trainer.

Ulrich Ghisler has with his past as a coach a thorough knowledge of elite sportsmen and physical abilities. And although Crown Prince Frederik is not an elite athlete, his coach is very impressed by the Crown Prince's physique.

"Besides that he is a cheerful, positive person with great enthusiasm, Frederik is also very agile. He made some wild crash on the roller skis. But he mostly did pretty well. He always came up with his head up and legs down," shot the proud coach.

'Come on, Frederik'

Maybe it helped Frederik's winning mentality that during the race he received massive encouragement by the participants. For although Denmark's Crown Prince was signed up anonymously, he was nevertheless recognised by many spectators along the route and smoke therefore in an SMS service where audiences could cheer on the runners.

"There were many who greeted him and cheered him on the trail. At the water stops, many stood and shouted: 'Come on, Fred.' I was really proud of our Crown Prince on Sunday. For it was a fantastic and convincing manner, he completed the race on," says the delighted trainer.

After the race was Frederik himself highly pleased. To the Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, the Crown Prince said among other things, "It was fantastic. And with a finish time I had never been able to dream about."

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