Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Slovakia State Visit, Day One: Snore. Slovakia's In Town And It's All Just a Snooze Fest. Until Helle Arrives To Revive Freddles!

"Oh, Frede, we have all sorts of options for shipping her back to Oz, just ask!"

Things were moving along at the usual boring pace for this state visit from Slovakia. The arrival under gray skies, with greetings from gray royals and the formality of their entrance at Fredensborg Slot that the whole Danish nation seemed to completely ignore. Blah blah. Yadda yadda. This is my son Joachim, my sister Benedikte. Yeah yeah. And then this! (Cue "Lady in Red".)

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt arrived at the castle in satin red, modestly covered except for a hint of womanly decolletage. Thank the stars for Helle! OK, so she's a little down in the polls, something something income tax audit something broken promises something something. Never mind! She is the key tonight for unlocking the fondly remembered but nearly forgotten warm, engaged, friendly, good-humoured, and open personality of one Crown Prince Frederik. Oh, the tsunami of warm, gooey, loin-centric feelings that must have overwhelmed the little boy once endeared to the Danes as Our Frede! He's not looked this good since, hm, well, the summer of 2000 after his triumphant dog sled tour of Greenland with the Sirius project and before he headed down to Sydney in September to have a head on collision with a multi-tentacled bogan arriviste of epic greedy proportions. He's been shrinking in size by the day since then!

In fact, just a few days prior in Luxembourg, this little tiny man-child thinggie was dressed in his daddy's Napoleon dress-up suit complete with tricorn hat and scawy sword (rarrrr!), being dragged around by a tranny ruler dominatrix in lady's clothing. He had nothing of a future head of state! Those two crazy kids: Halloween isn't until next week! But look at him now. Look at how he leans into Helle! He is craving love and attention. Get him away from that thing dressed like Bette Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and put him in the company of a smart, sassy, gorgeous, funny, engaging, curvy gem of womanliness who flatters him with attention, shares jokes and intimacies and the old boy comes alive as if he has just awoken from a coma. Mind you, Helle isn't the only one with such powers. Darling sister-in-law Marie can do the same, although she is often seated away from Derfie and also knows from her husband how dangerous proximity can be. Danes: get a taste of what the future could be if your crown prince could be unleashed!

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  1. Goodness it's good to see Fred so relaxed and happy here! Next to Helle he's starry-eyed drinking in her blonde beauty. Helle have mercy! Just let our poor Ferdles rub his face in your tantalizing chest. Plump & perk him up a bit.
    The poor man's ego is so fragile. Look at him so starved for attention seeing wifey Mary is too upright to give him some shexsy lohhhving!
    Biaaaatch needs to throw some crumbs his way now and then.
    Make yerrrself useful Mary for all the posh living you're lapping up.....heck by the looks of Fred lately, I get the feeling even dry humping would be welcome....

    Not to worry our Ferdles knows the deal -when he's blasted at and picked on at home, it's time for a conjugal visit with the mistress and there it's shexxzy making to his heart's content.

  2. UPTIGHT!!! lol!! Our Mary is too uptight to make shaaaayxxxy lurver to Fritos Lay...

    Hillbilly Clown Mary is too posh to pamper prince Fred! (no offense to hillbillys and clowns!)

  3. Marie has such a happy glow about her! Happy home life = Happy Princess!

    Do you know if her tiara was a wedding present from QM? She's worn it several times.

  4. Sporten, Marie's tiara is indeed a family heirloom and wedding present from Daisy. It may get passed to young Princess Athena in the future. Likewise, Alexandra's tiara was also a family heirloom and wedding present from Daisy, and will certainly be used by Nikolai and Felix's brides, unless the Infantas they marry would prefer a Spanish one. ;)

    Mary's wedding tiara was bought at auction with no public information on its origins and is her personal property (she can take it back to Oz after the divorce).