Tuesday, October 30, 2012

At the Christmas Seals Launch, Count Ingolf and Countess Sussie Suffer The Indignity of Sharing A Stage With the 'Marketing Genius' Who Prefers to Ignore Them

Poor Ingolf and Sussie. Not only was this poor man denied the throne of Denmark by MoreMore's husband's MorMor (a bullet he may well be grateful he dodged), but now he and his wife have to suffer through their longtime patronage - the Christmas Seals - with the new 'marquee' patron, Princess Yrma Vep of Boganborg. Hasn't this couple suffered enough!? They were completely and totally ignored by Madam at the christening of lille prins Henrik in 2009 (you can see in the video at around 2:48 that Derf greets the couple, but Mary doesn't, and neither makes any simile of an effort to have their own children acknowledge their elder cousins). God, Mary has such ugly manners. And look at her body language in the photie above, with her shoulder in front of poor Ingolf. My goodness those two are gracious in the face of bogan narcissism!

MoreMore meanwhile continues to not help this worthy patronage get back on its feet in terms of financial help or publicity. As previously noted, they are losing money. So much for our Australian marketing genius! If Yrma had any sense of noblesse oblige, she could give them loads of free publicity and have her own marketing gurus (ha!) help them out. The goal of the Christmas Seals organisation is to fund homes for overweight children. I guess Madam La Comtesse de Taroona doesn't think fat people are worth her time. Only an annual photo op and a go on the trampoline for the Christmas Seals.

Video: TV Syd

"Alright, just gimme the flowers already, it's not like I'm here for yoouuu!"

"Who else thought she'd be this tall? She's a shrimp!"

"Kind of loony looking, too, eh?"

"Shut up, artist person, while the cameras drink in The Mary Show!"

"I was the one who told Madeleine to make a teehee sound at the end of her engagement video! People think it's SEXY."

Sad that the artist and not the crown princess is the one genuinely smiling and hugging the kiddos.

"Freebies!!!!! For ME!!!!"

"Are you getting my best angle? Is the flash on? Angle the camera up so my chin comes out thinner."

"Mary, why is your hair two different colours?"
"No you di'n! Bitch, please."

"Haha, ok, move along now, I have photies to take!"

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  1. Lol hilarious photo captions!! You captured phony Mary perfectly!!
    So right! Mary completely lacks any good manners and grace. Maybe because Moremore's mum departed this life so early she wasn't taught any...! Whatever bogus Mary!!

    Ingor has too much class to pay any mind to the trashy hillbilly Mary. So don't think he was that hurt. Ingor was born royal. Mary will forever be just a low lifer trash from hicksville hobart.

    Fred married way waaay waaaaay down didn't he? Poor guy had to salvage this Mary poop from the bottom of maggots heap!
    So many capable, loving women at his fingertips back then but he had the worst luck of being stuck with this hobart gold digging loser !