Thursday, September 27, 2012

Princess Marie in Odense to Celebrate the Epilepsy Association's 50th Anniversary

Unlike her sister-in-law, Marie is relaxed and likes to make eye contact with people she knows, making them feel appreciated and connected.

How about a little palate cleanser everyone, eh? Marie was at the Odense City Hall today to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Epilepsy Association. What a star! And quel contrast to her husband's brother's wife, the "premiere" princess of the land whose latest headache is from her most recent Failed International PR Looker Me! Tour in Brazil. Madam must be pounding the caipirinhas after seeing these photos and the positive reactions of the guests. Marie enjoyed herself, renewed relationships, charmed - not scared - the girls in the choir and brought attention to this worthy cause with her presence. Again, the provencial princess proves herself to be more sophisticated than the one who is desparate to make her mark on the capital and its adjacent, snooty Whiskey Belt suburbs. Bien joué, Marie!

Video: TV Fyn

Article: Fyens

Princess Marie Charmed The Children

The Epilepsy Association's children's choir sang from "Buster's World".

The flower girl came from Fjerritslev and sat in her wheelchair and was ready with bouquet, even though she was plagued by a sore on one foot. "I have not even considered cancellation. It is a privilege to be allowed to bid welcome to the princess and give her flowers", said Rikke Nørager Jensen.

She was rolled into position just past noon and was ready when Princess Marie herself rolled into position in the "Crown 65" royal blue Volvo limousine. The red carpet was rolled into position, and it was laid out in front of the town hall, so there was room for the reception committee and the guests that the Danish Epilepsy Association had placed on the site.

The Association celebrated 50 years and was invited to celebrate in the banquet hall at Odense City Hall, where there were city council members present and the association's President gave a speech, and there was singing from the children's choir.
The song "Quiet-quiet-quiet, Now the Sun Rises" from Buster's World was sung, and Princess Marie had a charm offensive running towards the children's choir.

The Danish Epilepsy Association is headquartered in Odense, and therefore it was natural to hold the reception hereThe association has approximately 6,000 members, and about one percent of the Danish population suffers from epilepsy. There are 55,000 persons with the condition. 12 new cases are recorded daily.

Photos: Jørgen Hansen


  1. La belle Marie is like a breath of fresh air. She appears relaxed and to be genuinely enjoying her visit and meeting the participants. How refreshing compared to her toxic, broomstick-up-the-arse, nose-in-the-air, camera whoring SIL.

    1. Wow calm down don't give yourself a heart attack.Get over it!

  2. That's some depressing epileptic facts! 12 New cases daily?! Wow!!!

    Marie looks stunning!!! And her involvement would give more awareness to this troubling cause.
    She's a breath of fresh air. Such a natural!!