Monday, September 10, 2012

Sportif! Not So Much: The Sporty Mary and The New Diana Myths Fail, Crash Land and Burst Into Flames at Sesquicentennial of Hinnerup and Hadsten

"When you miss the shot, distract them with some ballet moves! Yeah, that's the ticket!"
Derf and Yrma were ordered to go spend a tiny part of their day with the stinky peasants of Hinnerup and Hadsten yesterday to help them celebrate the twin 150th Jubilees of these town near Aarhus. Yrma was in fine form displaying a behaviour that may have given away a tweaking of the meds or just Madam's general displeasure with having to show up and pretend to care mixed with her need for attention and glamourpussing.
Watch the video. It gives away all the carefully built up "truths" about MoreMore. She's no fashion plate or style icon: the busy satin dress clashed horribly with a casual trench coat, mismatched with silly side ponytail and the formality of matching hat and gloves. She is no New Diana: walks right by everyone who doesn't have flowers for her during the walkabouts with cold body language as if the peasants had tuberculosis! She is not sportif!: even with high heels which don't help, Madam missed the basketball hoop on a couple of tries; no biggie except her Tourette's kicks in from the embarrassment and she spazzes out into some strange looker me! dance. Mary is weird. The article below talks about how she demanded a cup of coffee holding up the whole planned parade and keeping all onlookers waiting. Self-centred b*tch. Then they left in a helicopter like they couldn't get outta there fast enough. "Strenous programme" - ha!
Photo Gallery: Lokalavisen Hinnerup

Video: Lokalavisen Hinnerup

Article: Lokalavisen Hinnerup

Mary Would Have Coffee Before Departure

The time program for royal couple's visit to Favrskov Saturday was tightly organized by Favrskov Municipality in cooperation with the court.

But even though the royal couple began to arrive eight minutes late for lunch at Frijsenborg Estate, they managed to complete the entire afternoon program and leave Hadsten by helicopter - in all discretion - at 4:35pm.

Just as planned.

A bunch of balloons were let loose by the Crown Princess. It can be done with the utmost grace.

The visit began with a delicious lunch at Frijsenborg Estate, where Favrskov City Council together with, among others Bishop Kjeld Holm and police director for East Jutland Police Jørgen Ilum participated.

Sports, as most people knoware the crown prince's big interest. There was no doubt when paired with the talented gymnasts who jumped about and took the time to talk with them afterwards.

The Crown Prince Couple drove in a vintage vehicle from Linen to Hinnerup after lunch. The rest of the large lunch party was transported by bus, but most important was the royal departure. An entire city - Hinnerup - waiting for the couple in the first place.

So the coffee, which was made after a five-course lunch*, was only reserved for the other guests.

But Crown Princess Mary insisted that she would have a cup of coffee before the afternoon's strenuous programme in Hinnerup and Hadsten.

And so it was.

The three friendly motorcycle officers who were waiting to accompany the outside (it was not escorted, so we need more motorcycles, we were told) it took the smile that was prevalent throughout the day.

*Fried truffle oil piqued walleye, chicken roulade with lobster, venison carpaccio with acacia honey and glazed nuts, veal tenderloin with fois gras and mushroom sauce and layered chocolate with strawberry grenache.

Photos: Henning Bagger/Scanpix Denmark


  1. Mary looks really old. Her skin has already lost lot of elasticity, not to mention those crow's feet and numerous lines along her mouth. Why on earth was the hair dragged across her shoulder? She looks ridiculous for her age. This bogan really loves herself.

    1. Yes, her hair looks like an 8 year old Girl.

  2. She tries to look like snow White with her pale skin. She is trying so hard, a Real princes would be natural.

  3. She looks like a fucking idiot!

    1. You seriously need anger management don"t think the outfit is great either but why so nasty? How's your wardrobe going?

  4. Tf?! Has she lost her mind? Mary IS an IDIOT! why does she make those stupid faces? Her expressions are all wrong for what she's doing ...

    And I hate her even more for being so demanding and rude! Those people have been waiting for hours the least she could do is not keep them waiting any longer. But oh no Miss Clown has to have her way like she doesn't already have all the comforts and best in life ?! That's why we can't stand this f&%#*/@ woman!! So rude and inconsiderate she is!!!! Low class idiot!!