Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Charm Offensive: Princess Marie Picks Up The Princess Baton From The Deflated Yrma And Runs With It to the Ladies of the Odd Fellow Order

"Would it make you feel better if I told you that she's all the way in Malta and can't pop out and scare us today?"
Today, Princess Marie was the invited guest at a convention of the Odd Fellow Order's Sister Lodge No. 12 in Esbjerg on Jutland. She handed over donations to this branch of the international altruistic and benevolent organisation. Hoorah for the Jutland Princess giving love to this oft-neglected or joked-about region! Marie looked smashing in her smart navy suit, a rare hit in an otherwise dull fashion wardrobe. Isn't Marie wise to not hoard ritzy fashion labels or to pile on pricey, discordant items just to show off?
And what a sweet guest, to focus her attention on the flower girl who admits in the video below that she was "very nervous" but found Marie "beautiful". How nice of Marie to get down to the girls level by bending at the knee, instead of sticking out a baboon arse for the photographers to get shots that could be bought up by Australian news agencies to promote Madam MoreMore's "incredible yummy mummy figure". (Well, you can't talk about her face anymore!) Mary always has an agenda, but Marie's is only the task at hand. Like Princess Alexandra who came before. Hm, the choice of a person's life partner is always very telling. Joachim is 2 for 2. Derfie? Well, let's wish him all the best for the strong, beautiful, buxom Danish woman who could be at his side, offering sweet, busty cuddles at night, and a firm hand against the alcohol and philandering in his waking hours. C'mon Freddles! Ask Joachim for advice. Call up Katja. DO SOMETHING.
Meanwhile, yay, Marie! Watch the video; Marie answers a question at the end of her visit and her pronunciation is getting really sharp, even if her French accent is still there. Keeping up the strong profile of the monarchy in the western part of the country and showing love to all the important but often overlooked organisations and do-gooders who need some royal love. This is the true spirit of the monarchy. Brava.

Photo Gallery: Lokalavisen Esbjerg

Video: TV Syd (at 2:29)

Photos: Lokalavisen Esbjerg

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  1. I LOVE the photo of La Belle Marie holding the hand of the little flower girl and walking with her. So different from Madame Yrma. Anyone else remember the time Yrma pushed a flower girl away after receiving her bouquet?