Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Flag Day 2012: Looker Me! Vanity Heels, Corsetted Torso, Shy Di Gaze Through the Hat Brim: Nobody's Buying What You're Selling, Mares

"Camera 5, I gotcha covered with my sexy sad face. I was smart to buy two hats with these open brims - the shadows cast make me look like I'm actually emotional about whatever it is we're doing here!"

Today Derfie and MoreMore represented the queen at the annual Danish Flag Day ceremonies. Equivalent to Remembrance Day in the UK, this is a solemn affair with full military honours given to fallen Danish soldiers. Yrma La Douche was dressed like a widow looking for her next romantic kill at her own husband's funeral. Black dress, no jacket and far too exposing of the Miracle Twins tummy Madam now sports, despite the technological advances made in the elastic casement industry. Purple (she is royal, dammit!) gloves, hat and ghillies on 5 inch heels. Is she trying to remind us of her Melbourne Cup outfit from 2002, with brown suede kitten heels, black lace hat, olive dress with cheap lace overlay and white brassiere peeking out from the arm holes? Or did Anja read somewhere that purple is a colour of mourning? Anja, babe, you got it wrong. Purple is the colour of mourning in Asia and ancient Greece. All black should have been your choice, Mary. Naturally you don't have any sense or sophistication to be able to oppose your "stylist". At least she finally pulled the necklace that Henrik gave her on the occasion of her engagement back in 2003 out of the mothballs. No wonder Mary can't fall into his good graces, she snubs the man's pressies!

As usual, the video reveals all, especially Madam's brain wheels spinning infinitely helping her concentrate on where the cameras are located and therefore on when her posture should be ram-rod straight and when she needs to suck in the upper neck muscles. She tries so hard to be graceful, but it's such a joke. And stepping back from laying the wreath, she nearly trips because her damn heels are too high and get caught on the pavers. Even the cameraman zoomed in on that bit of ridiculous vanity. Talking to Fred as they get up to lay the wreath was inappropriate, too, but what can we expect? She's an idiot and allows her self-consciousness and nervousness to rule her actions. Way to honour Danish servicemen and women who sacrificed more for Denmark than you ever will. Meanwhile, be glad Yrma that the Danes only now see the possibility for government cuts in spending on the military and not the royal family. You get a raise at the expense of the country's military. Mixed with growing social inequality, this is assuredly not good, Yrma, not good at all!

Photo Gallery: Berlingske

Video: Sjællands Nyheder

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Danes on Flag Day: Cut Defense Spending

Buses flew flags today across the country in honour of Danish soldiers.

But in the shadow of the festive day politicians prepare to embark on massive savings in defense of a total of 2.7 billion kroner.
And it seems the Danes think it's a good idea, according to a poll conducted by Wilke for
Six out of ten do so in the survey, making their support for the planned savings clear, even though it will mean the closure of one or more barracks. Just one in four are against.

"The Danes have always felt this way with the defense that we want it, but will not pay for it," says Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen according He is a professor at the University of Copenhagen specialising in Danish defense policy.

The threatening barracks closures does not frighten Danes, says Vedby Rasmussen, because you have set themselves on the idea that defense does not have the same role as before.

"The question of barracks is not the same political issues are not as they once were, because there are no longer barracks in all cities. Asking about it on the island of Bornholm or in Korsor is obviously different, but not generally," he says, adding: "Our defense no longer has as its main task to defend Denmark. We know that there is broad support for an activist foreign policy, and it's true no matter where the barracks are located," says Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen.

Finally, the professor points out that activist foreign policy is only about ten years old. This means that the Danes - in contrast to, for example, the Americans - think foreign policy is more peaceful."We use the example of much money on foreign aid because many believe, perhaps rightly, that in reality it is a better tool to ensure a more peaceful world," says the professor.

The Danish People's Party is the only party in parliament skeptical about the great savings on defense. But the party's defense spokesman, Marie Krarup, has yet an understanding of the Danish population's savings desire.

"The defense must, of course, like the other parts of the public sector, cut away the fat that it can," she The party is still worried about savings, which rose from the first planned two billion to 2.7 billion now. "We have nothing against anything that saves so much that it is beyond our capabilities," states Marie Krarup.

It was in the very mention of tax reform in the early summer, that a broad majority in parliament decided to save even more on defense. How savings to be implemented will be decided by defense policymakers later in the autumn.
This is what asked:In the political autumn, politicians implement savings in the defense of more than two billion kroner. In this context, the announced closure is of one or more barracks. Do you think that it is good to save on defense?

Yes - 61.5 percent
No - 23.4
Do not know - 15.1
The survey was conducted among 506 representatively selected Danes on the internet. The uncertainty is plus / minus three percent.

Photos: Søren Bistrup


  1. But at least it looks like Ymra isn't pregnant. I guess even by starving herself she couldn't get rid of her gut.

  2. I love your blog. I agree with You.

  3. In stilettos and pearls dressed like a partying “desperate housewife”, who forgot taking off her gloves after doing the dishes, CP Mary visualizes to all how fake, less grounded in danish soil and out of touch with the grieving danish people, she and the danish monarchy really are. CP Mary shows us coldheartedly how she don’t care about others – only her own appearance matters.

    How could CP Frederik choose this unnatural woman - Mary Donaldsson - as his wife and future Queen of Denmark? What was he thinking? The danish CP couple is a total farce.

    And whatever the CP’s of Denmark sell – I don’t buy it either.

    Every step these people takes, are steps further to the Republic of Denmark. CP Mary is bad for business and I love your way of creating light, Cece.

    We Danes really need to see, what goes on.

    1. The Danes are my true audience. Glad you're reading, and thinking.

    2. Yes, we need to see what is going ón. Danes, open your eyes!

      Thank You for your blog

  4. She thinks She looks grateful, But She is ugly. And She does not care. Not showing respect for the ones that died.

  5. I meant graceful...