Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brazil Day One: Derf and His Granny Make Tea and Meet Scouts: A Little Dulong and Sticky-Out Bum Bum For the Masses

Poor Princess Yrma, Countess of Ute Shagging, on a trip to the tropics with her husband, trying to prove to everyone that she's a cute young thing, full of life, energy and verve, loved deservedly by all, with fresh skin, a youthful coyness . Except that the photographic truth kinda wrecks that scheme a bit, doesn't it? Dressed in an old-fashioned, accordion pleated (new!) (Prada!) dress in the colour of a suburban housewife's Tupperware with a (new!) (Prada!) coat made of bleached doilies from her dining room credenza, and makeup that would shame the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, MoreMore stepped into the humidity lifted by the lightness, colour and musicality of the Brazilian atmosphere. The good mood certainly extended to her belittled husband who must have been recalling all of his fun, prior visits to his billionairess widow friend at her fazenda outside of Rio - without Madam MoreMore.

One of the stops for the couple on their first day in Brazil was to a COOL Denmark cookery demonstration using Danish equipment, Georg Jensen cups and bowls, etc. Who do you think took the lead? You're right. Mind you, this is after changing shoes, earrings (whoops, she's sorry Anja, she just forgot momentarily about the Dulong contract!) and ditching the doily coat to show off her newly toned arms - Mares did some serious working out before this trip - she pranced and preened as the starlet of the tea making enterprise with a very patient chef. Cute how she gave him some sticky-out bum bum while reaching for the furthest tea cup she could find for the strainer! And super duper cute how she helped him squeeze his stainless steel udder device (fun little reminder of Mary and Fred's first night of their amourous controlling matches)! Madam finished with a cute little arms-out curtsey "ta-da" dealio! A sixteen year old's behaviour with a 50 year old's face. What a comedy. More, Madam MoreMore, more!

Photo Gallery: CGN Brasil

Photo Gallery: BT (the name of this photo series is "Mary prepared burning love"!)



Photos: Keld Navntoft/Scanpix, Amauri Nehn/AgNews, Martin Høien


  1. Geez, how would we know it was Yrma without the sticky out bum bum?!

  2. I used to think people exaggerated when they said Yrma looks old but in these pictures (probably with out photoshopping) she truly looks awful.

  3. Just saw her on national télévision. Didnt say one clever word. And her Danish language is really bad.
    Her dress is ugly.

  4. New outfits everyday, way too much make-up, trying too hard. Same behaviour since 2003. Beware, Mary Antoinette...