Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brazil Day Four: Poor Child Brazilians Discover One Thing For Sure: Mary Is Scary!

Not looking at what she's doing, just grabbun' the photo op! Bless this sweet gal for being game.

Madam seems to have psyched herself up and braced herself well for an afternoon in a favela with The Child Poors (medicine?). They're a happy, touchy crowd, so brava to MoreMore on the planning! She's even donned a previously worn frock! That, dear readers, is commitment to The Poors. She's done a pretty good job of smacking on the over bearing smile and even adding some new squinty-eye moves in an effort to squash any ugly rumours that her smile isn't genuine because it doesn't reach her eyes. The face did falter a bit during the dance routine and catwalk fashion show, but she perked right up during her stint doing what got her into her privileged position in the first place: giving a blow (dry) job with some really cute kids.

Before leaving The Poors to their slum life, she encouraged them to have hope, then drove off with armed guards in a German luxury vehicle. THAT, people, is true dedication to the cause and connection with the people. Or not. Even the armed guards are all, "bitch, please!" C'mon, Lene, it was really close to believable this time.

Photo Gallery: Berlingske

Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder

Video: Sjællands Nyheder

"I don't understand you, honey!"

"It's so cute that you think I speak Spanish. What? Portu-huh?"

"The cameras will love this face!"

"If I just open my mouth in a pseudo-smile and lean in a bit, they think I'm listening!"

"Take the photo. Take it. Hurry."

"Finally, a bit of shade. You know, honey, I used to be that flexible."

"Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha. Wonder if that's enough fake laughing? Hahahaha. That should do it."

"You're getting a leeeeetle too close, dear."

"I hope someone is setting up drinks over there."

"You all are funny. If only Denmark was actually this colourful and warm!!!"

"You mean, you actually want me to touch her hair?"

"I think this is how Søren does it."
"Phew, that's over with."

"Leaving! Happy!" 

"Um, is there anyplace I can wash my hands? I have The Poors all over them."

"Finally. Out of the cage. That was a nightmare."

Guard and spectator both: "Bitch, please."
"I live in a palace and you don't!"

"Take me in Danish Community in Brazil, drink up all that you've bought me!"

Photos: Keld Navntoft/Scanpix 2012


  1. So, in this post, she is critised for wearing a previously worn dress - the horror, the injustice! Yet in another post, you criticise her for wearing a new dress (oh my! What evil kind of a woman would ever wear a new dress?). Again, this is not satire - this is your sad life with your mental illness on display.

    1. Totally agree with you no matter what she does she is criticised.Cece your blog is getting so boring and old why not try and say something nice for a change you just might start to like yourself
      as we all know a bully never likes themselves.

  2. Totally. Fabulous. Blog. Especially like the way it riles up Yrma's base. Gives 'em some much needed exercise, I say. Keep it up, Cece! You're gold!

  3. Does she not realize every time she puts her man hands in the forefront it only accentuates their size?

  4. Lol at the poors all over her hands !!! Yup we all know the photo ops are the reasons Mary does these random visits not for any real chance to make a difference !all Self promotion ...pompous biaatch!