Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yawn: Madam MoreMore in Malta: WHO Is the Dull Danish Water Pouring Girl and WHY Is She On the Panel?

"Jah tinker poe min hore o min sko. Jah elsker sko. Vel meh die?"

Something somewhere about how Yrma La Douche attended only the opening session of the World Health Organisation's meeting in Malta, if only because she is the patron due to the WHO being headquartered in Copenhagen. In other words, they had to accept this empty shell of a preening prig of a princess as their patron. She looks so bored and lost, clad in a dress the colour of her personality. Had to wear translator headphones for nearly ever speech. So much for anything ressembling an engaged woman of the world. All the expert physicians, government officials and other policy makers and movers and shakers seem to be exhibiting a bit of dis-ease (!) holding up the diplomatic need for politeness, but never mind these hairline cracks in the surface of etiquette - Madam couldn't catch on to it. She's the cat's whiskers, haven't you heard?

Speech: Danish Royal Website


Photos: Brian Cassar, WHO Regional Office for Europe


  1. I guess that one photo sums up Ymra's true value; she can pour water into a glass. But I doubt she does even that for her family.

  2. The third photo shows how smug this moron looked. Her facial expression screamed "LOOK AT ME". Humility is something this overrated and overpaid creature has never learnt in her life.