Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kong Joachim: Regal Younger Son Treated As Honoured Guest in Africa: Doesn't Take Photos of Poor Brown People For Future Self-Congratulatory Photography Exhibit

"I may have to share this sword with my brother. He always likes a spare to help survive his monthly duels with his wife's heated presque-zizi."
While Mary is at a kindergarten watching the children wrap a present for her or while Derf is chasing Emilie Jerichau around London (allegedly), Prince Joachim shows everyone just who the most royal member of the family really is. Just a suggestion Danes, but you don't actually have to repeal the monarchy right away. Baby steps, eh? Why not just force a swap between the greedy, bogan Dumbledorks in their psychodelic palace for the well-spoken, regal, beautifully mannered Schackenborg line?
When Joachim was in Africa on behalf of CARE Denmark from 31 August to 11 September, he never once was seen taking random, candid photographs of poor people. He was treated like an honoured guest and respected elder everywhere he went without him doing a pouty dance because he didn't like what he was gifted with. He didn't discuss masterbation inappropriately. He actually looked concerned and made eye contact with people, not the cameras. Bravo, Prince Joachim! Thousands of people in eastern Africa have a very positive association with Denmark because of his visits. Hopefully the poor people of the Horn of Africa will soon be healed from last year's visit by Yrma La Douche.


Photos: Steen Brogaard

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