Friday, August 31, 2012

MeMeMe: Daisy Opens Exhibit at Trapholt Museum About Her and Her Family-Thinggies: You Will Love Us, Danes, Even If We Have To Remind You All The Time

Even Oil Paint Fred is despondent about how things went so wrong so quickly. "One minute I was eatun' cereal in my underwear, the next minute this plasticised greed monster is talking about unfreezing the Miracle Triplets. It was just supposed to be a one night thing!"

Daisy showed up at the Trapholt Museum in Kolding today to open an Exhibit dedicated to her favourite subject: her! "A Queen and Her Family" runs through 24 February 2013 and features paintings from school children and from artists such as Andy Warhol, Michael Kvium, Preben Hornung and Niels Strøbek. But it's not just Daisy on parade. "Oh, do throw in darling Henri and those two boys we had to make and their wife-thinggies, oh and do we HAVE to show the grandchildren, because we're losing focus on ME." Daisy's been around Yrma La Douche too long!

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Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder

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After her accession to the throne in 1972, HM Queen reintroduced the royal portrait as a major artistic genre, after it had been stopped since the 1930s. Princely portraiture was originally a substantial part of the classic representation of monarchs and the intention to uphold the ruler's power through splendour and symbols. But instead of simply restoring the classic power of representation, the Queen and HRH The Prince Consort invited both new and controversial artists to do portraits, where they further develop and modernize the genre to a contemporary and present media for the story of a queen and her family.

Photos: Claus Fisker/Scanpix 2012

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