Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy 13th Birthday, Prince Nikolai!

Prince Nikolai William Alexander Frederik was born 28 August 1999 in Copenhagen and counts among his godparents Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. He is currently seventh in line for the Danish throne, but is - for now, at least - just the future head of the Schackenborg branch of the family. Should the results of Frederik's unfortunate choices be eliminated by referendum from all future responsibilities and duties as heirs of Denmark's Head of State, moving the little darlings off shore to shuttle forever between Far's shack behind his bar in Key West, and during hurricane season up north, MoreMore's Gold Coast McMansion, then King Nikolai will begin his benevolent reign. Taking pay cuts, downsizing staff and rejecting freebies and phony titles for rich landowners, Nikolai can address social justice issues, embrace a more heterogeneous society, and restore goodwill with cousins Vickan & Haakon, not to mention the Brits. Denmark may not need a republic; it may just need a decent person as its monarch. And as we saw in the DR1 documentary produced for his 10th birthday, the kid knows how to lay down a decent bass line, too.

Photo Gallery: PPE

At this weekend's ECCO Walkathon with mother Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg

Photos: Steen Brogaard

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  1. He and his brother are good-looking and well-mannered boys, so different from their cousins who are unfortunately mixed with bogan genes and manners.