Monday, August 6, 2012

Yrma's Jumped the Shark: Breakdown Dead Ahead

Madam MoreMore look like shite, and so much older than a forty year old woman whom we are led to believe is in a fulfilled marriage with a balanced family life and all the money and privileges that life as a barely working crown princess offer. The breakdown is showing and the few days between leaving London and popping up with her oldest kids has allowed her too much time to let fears of looking older and losing Fred to a blonde for a night take a hold of her psyche and show in her appearance.

Try also to spot the royal children. Although this is about the most calm and normal Izzy's and Xian's faces have looked in...forever? are hard pressed to find them. What a sad, gray contrast to the happy, thrilled faces of all the little sprites who surround the three royals. Royal children shouldn't be the most blonde with the biggest hairbows or the best clothes, but of all children in the world, they should not be destined to reflect any strangeness in their home life - the stresses and strains that are typically more middle class concerns.

Yrma: advice? Stop fighting it. You've spent your whole life caring far too much about what other people think, defining yourself by what men think of you, what cars you drive and your material possessions. Those things don't matter. You're an empty shell. Deal with it and focus on the proper care and development of the four munchkins you made. Erase Yehudi's phone number; you don't need Miracle Triplets. Don't worry about your husband; you can't control him. Focus on making your life meaningful by raising great kids and offering yourself to your country (gut check: it's Denmark).

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  1. She looks awful. Too much cheek filler, I think. She's got so much filler in her cheeks that it's causing her eyes to squint. Whomever did that to her should have their medical license revoked. They did a terrible job.