Friday, August 24, 2012

Yrma Does Her Best Olive Oyl Impersonation: Shows Up For Freebie Jewellery At Saint Loye Prizes

"Tan, check! Highlights, check! Lots of makeup & twee gold jools, check! Pricey frock, check! I'M BEAUTIFUL, do you see me in your REAR VIEW MIRROR, KATE MIDDLETON!"
55 year old Danish princess Mary "MoreMore" Donaldson came straight from hairdresser Søren Hedegaard's chair (why suck an elaborate hairdo for a simple prize event!?!) over to the St. Loye Prize handouts for jewellery design today as if she were on a runway. Ostensibly to hand out the awards, but hopefully to pick up some more freebies, Yrma La Douche wore a wonderful dress very badly - jiminy, she has an ugly, manly body - and snooted around for some bright and shiny objects to run off with. She practically suckered herself to the vitrines like a Hoover vacuum picking up dirt looking for some goodies to pout for. Then this disgrace of a woman swished back to the car with Tanja and took off for the palace to plan her next spray tan appointment and Please Notice Me Kate Middleton Or The Daily Mail Either One I Don't Care Just Someone Please Notice Me antics.




  1. If these are with photoshopping I couldn't imagine ymra in natural form- in fact I don't want to, too scary.

  2. Mare tries too hard, and looks unnatural. I notice she has got big manly hands (in the fifth photo). No matter how much money she spends on herself, she still looks like a tranny.