Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Strange Family: Derf Leaves Kids in Sweden to Go to Venice Biennale, MoreMore Comes to Sweden to Have Her Own Photo Opp With the Little Darlings: No, That Doesn't Cost the Danish Taxpayer Anything!

"Feels good to be in Italy as a single man, amarite, ladies?"

Fred left the kids with the nannies in Sweden so he could head down to Venice to open the Danish pavilion at the Architecture Biennale yesterday. Nice that he's actually working, but what a strange family. So, Frex, all four kiddos and some blonde nannies sail on the slightly oversized, and government-funded Dannebrog to head over to a neighbouring country so that Daddy can pursue private recreational activities, then leaves this large and cumbersome mess to head down to Italy while Madam La Comtesse de Sandy Bay heads over (on a plane? a train? it's within driving distance!) to be seen in Båstad, Sweden with the children even though she doesn't sail, and the whole reason they're all there is now in Italy, and then they will head home on this huge luxury yacht, fully staffed with members of the Danish Navy? What a carbon footprint for nothing!

I think it's nice that Fred wants to share his sailing hobby. To bring the oldest two with a nanny, ok, no biggie, Sweden's not that far, show the little ones how to tack and jibe. Fine. But why empty out the nursery and put all of the kids on the Dannebrog for a weekend 200 kilometres away , then have MoreMore come out herself to meet them? Clearly, these kids are used to being in the company of their nannies for days without their parents. What a waste! Waste of energy (how much petrol lost for on the flights and the energy-eater Dannebrog), money (paying & feeding Dannebrog staff, unnecessary flights, overtime for nannies & bodyguards) and time (there is no need for anyone but Fred to go to Sweden, then run off to Italy before returning directly back to Denmark without all the kiddos, nannies and Clown Princesses running after). And where the hell is Xian? Hopefully in school, but how'd he get there if Daddy was heading south and MoreMore was heading north? Was there a third nanny to bring him back? Don't be afraid to rethink this system, Denmark!

Photo Gallery: BT

Derfie with geology professor Minik Rising and Culture Minister Uffe Elbæk at the opening of the "Possible Greenland" exhibit.

Professor Rising is the head curator of this Danish exhibit.
MoreMore with three of the children and a couple of blonde nannies after the Dannebrog arrived back in Copenhagen, crossing from Amalienhavn back to Amalienborg. So, how did Xian get home earlier (assuming he is back in school)? Oh, and put your damn dog on a lead, Mary. Flaunting the law, as usual. She probably doesn't bother picking up his poop, either!



  1. Wasn't this the woman who stated emphatically that she would not allow her children to be raised by nannies? Why is that dog not leashed?

  2. Yup, no nannie, no tolerating infidelity, and modernizing the you go!

  3. I like your writing.