Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On!: Princess Marie Visits the National Autism Association's Holiday Village at Helsingør

The serene Princess Marie carried on with her summer duties while in the Copenhagen area with her family. She visited the town of Helsingør to see the Holiday Village that is sponsored by the National Association for Autism. This is the person to send to a kids camp, not the self-conscious, unmaternal Clown Princess. Followed by her lady-in-waiting Britt Siesbye, Marie looked very smart and casual as she played with the kids and learned all about life in the Village from the kids and their counselors. She will be happy to report back to her Bitch-in-Law that the surroundings will make a lovely backup plan for her eldest son. You know, just in case medications aren't enough to counter "nature" and the bad "nurture" environment the poor kid is growing up in. Perhaps when she arrives in London on Friday, she will overlap enough with her niece and nephew to give them much needed loving attention and cuddles. As she says in the article below, autism is in her own family and in the children of many friends - a refreshing honesty that would be seen by her insecure sister-in-law as revealing bad things about oneself. Kudos, Marie, on your honest appraisal of this condition as still mostly misunderstood.

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Article: BT

Princess Marie Has Autism In the Family

The princess asked herself if she could become patron of the National Association for Autism

Half a year ago, Princess Marie became patron of the National Association for Autism. Usually associations take aim at the royal house and ask one of its members to become a patron, however, this time it was inverted.  

"Princess Marie specifically asked for permission to become a patron for us", says Morten Carlsson, who is chairman of the association. He is very pleased that the Association has been given Marie as a patron, and throws roses to the princess for her ability to socialise with children.  

"It takes a special empathy, and Marie has amply demonstrated that she has it", says Morten Carlsson. It's no wonder that Marie has the special skills needed to get in contact with the children. Because even if you are royal, you may be suffering from similar problems, such as being parents of children with autism.  

"I have autism in my immediate family, so I know how hard and how difficult it is. It's a disability that affects the entire family", says Princess Marie to BT. However, she will not say who in the immediate family has the disorder. But Marie does say that it is not only within her immediate family where she has seen suffering in their lives. 

"I have many friends who have children with autism. And I do not think the disorder is known enough. I think it is very important to spread the word", says Princess Marie to BT as a motive for why she asked to be the association's patron.

Photos: Torsten Laursen

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