Thursday, August 9, 2012

London Olympics: A Stressed Yrma With the Kiddles at the Olympic Village

"More, why did you bring Auntie Caroline to London if she's not going to be allowed to brush my hair and put it in a nice barrette to keep it out of my face?"

Well, at least the kids and Derfie seem relaxed. The shit storm that is Mummy Dearest's mood continues, but the kids seem able to block it out. With a bit of help from Daddy Derf and the numbing effects of the Cokes and chocolate biscuits Yrma has stuffed into their official London 2012 knapsacks (is she hoping that Coca-Cola will sponsor her next Looker Me! Tour to Oz, in the grand tradition of Dulux paints, Jetstar and Huggies?). Iz's dress looks too tight (too small - not that Mares would notice, although Izzy is already being taught to drink DIET Coke - WAY TO GO, MARY! give your five year old child reasons to start hating herself). Xian has moments of looking like a regular kid, not coincidentally when his more involved father is around.

Later in the day, Yrms and Caroline bothered Princess Benedikte at some more horsey action, this time at an event that you'd think Mary would know a LOT about - Jumping (as in: on men, into used luxury cars, into bad situations where there might be a chance at fame and fortune, etc.) - and yet isn't actually expected to know anything about. Sweet! No wonder she's so much more camera-happy here. Caroline came along for good measure and to be a buffer between MoreMore and any daring peasants. And no kids to bother her!

"Caro, see if those bitches at Royal Dish and the Danish Royal Media Watch are talkun shit agin!"

"Hello, lover!"

Photos: John Stillwell


  1. Mary looks so cold. At least Fred seems to enjoy his children.

  2. Mares must be disappointed that she only got limited press coverage. In her mind she probably thought she could compete with Kate. But in reality she did not even register on the international radar.

  3. What a bitch. I swear Mary has a spiny pole up her ass, she always looks so nasty.

  4. is this blogger for real talk about the green eyed monster are you an ex of the Prince for god's sake get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!