Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yrma Opens Odense Flower Festival In a Modified Hospital Gown and Atrocious Danish

Unsophisticated, basic, ill-formed and shallow. We talking about Yrma or her Danish skills? You be the judge with the video below of Madam MoreMore at the opening of the Odense Flower Festival. Yowsa. That's bad. That's really bad. The hardest thing about Danish is indeed the pronunciation. But after nearly 11 years in the country, it should be SO much better than this. It's not even her accent, it's that there is no sentence flow, no ease in talking, no self-assurance. Those dumb lines had to be written down on a card? Some fast-track marketing executive she must have been. NOT. How hard would it have been for a drunken Derfie to have chosen to sleep with a cheap slut he met in a Sydney bar who at least had speaking skills? But then, speaking skills would have gotten in the way of all these two needed to exchange on that fateful night in a Paddington share house. Mary's orifices for Derf's black Amex. Way to have standards, Fred. The only Dane who would be required to have standards doesn't have any at all. Come hither, Danish republic, and pronounce sweet nothings in his ear with an impeccable glottal stop!

Photo Gallery  (brace yourselves for lots of armpits and bra bits): Pure People

Photo Gallery (more armpits and bra bits): BT

Video: TV Fyn


  1. oh no she looks pregnant, is that a baby bump that the little ribbon is tied above? god help us. Re her danish, if she can't speak it she needs to be deported or cut off from the money because that is just the ultimate in rudenss. she just flips the bird at all the danes. they speak engligh at home promise you that.

  2. For the Danish reporters who read this blog, why are you not reporting on Mary's poor Danish? You're only enabling her. She has clearly spent a lot of time shopping, but not enough time working on her Danish even though she was able to work with best teachers.

    You haven't written about Mary's fake job with Navision (do you really believe that Mary got that "job" all by herself, without Fred's help?), her Imelda Marcos-like collection of luxury goods, the fact that she chased after Fred, and her enrollment in Starmakers.

    How much does the court pay you to write your sycophantic stories? No wonder Fred and Mary have had to lay off staff and the family has asked for an increase in appanage even though other royal families have had their budgets reduced -- the family has had to pay out so much money to the reporters. The articles from Danish reporters sound like the North Korean government's press releases. Media from other countries with royal families don't suck up as hard as the Danish reporters.

    1. Your comment is spot-on. The way the Danish media and royal family plus some Oz reporters promote Mary Donkeyson to the public exactly like those in autocratic regimes with strict press censorship. What a waste of time and taxpayer money on that woman. Don't you know that YOU CAN'T MAKE A SILK PURSE OUT OF A SOW'S EAR?

    2. From what little I know about Danish society and its relationship with the royal family, I honestly believe that Danish editors, if not reporters, know that without their help supporting court propoganda, then the whole system including that of grace and favours may come crumbling down and that is a very scary scenario for many people. The royal family has always been there, and has been deeply integrated in people's minds and only in the last 10 years (NOT uncoincidentally timed with the arrival of Mary Boganson) have people seen that they are lacking and that the system doesn't allow for fair play. They are lacking not just as humans, because there is certain understanding and expectation for that, but they are lacking in a certain noblesse oblige and morality. Regarding a system of fair play, very few people seemed to be bothered by birthright dictating being head of state or living a life of privilege since Denmark's been a pretty well-to-do and homogeneous society. But I believe that as Danish society struggles with its increasing diversity and bears its share of the burden (granted, relatively small) of the international economic crisis, all the photos of Mary prancing about in expensive (foreign) designer clothes without paying any attention to the very basic expectations of Danes to speak their language well (no one cares about an accent) and show interest in their culture. Danes are nothing if not fair. But Mary's spendthriftiness at the mall (and silly Looker Me! Tours back "home" to Australia and impossible to ignore bad mothering) and superficial relationships with Denmark's economic elites shine a spotlight on all the grace and favour moves that this already overpaid family takes advantage of, without giving anything in return. Everyone seems to accept that Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller got his elephant order through generous benefactory of the royals, although an argument could be made that his business brought economic prosperity to Denmark. With MMM's elephant up for grabs, Dong Energy CEO Fritz Shur is next in line, and with parties starring Elton John and his willingness to kiss booty and coat Henrik in suntan oil on holiday, he is definitely eyeing the prize. Despite being a very elegant gay man with impeccable parties, will Danes respond well? He is just one example. Look at Derf and Yrma's last trip to Legoland - the freaking CEO was in the log boat on the water ride with them, chatting with Mary. His private jet has been transporting the clown princely couple around the globe for the past 8 years. This shit is no longer going to be tolerated in the near future. It is anathema to what Danish society is about, Jantelow (subtitle: How to Mow Down Tall Poppies) leading that list. Frex has the country feeling sorry for him because of his emotional sensitivity and emotionally distant parents, so goodwill remains for him, but Mary doesn't have it on her own, and Xian will be the last king if something doesn't change fast. Get Mary out, get Fred a new wife (Danish or a foreign noble, past childbearing age, and a go-getter) to whip him and his schedule into shape and watch the ratings get better. The Brits are the role model. The Danes need to start doing things that they have never done: show up after an emergency, comfort people on the scene or at church, show up at military funerals (with family permission) or at the arrival of bodies at the airport, get more hands on. The two garden parties that Daisy threw this year are a big indicator for me that she knows she has to do something that gets her and the people in the same space on a closer plane. No longer can waving from Amalienborg be considered enough. Time to work for your dough. Let's see if Mary and Fred can do this - don't place too high a bet.

  3. G'Day (Hello) from Australia.
    Can someone please explain to me the meaning of names used below;

    Derf - (Fred) ?
    Yrma / Moremore - (Mary) ?
    Daisy (Your Queen) ?
    All help with this question is greatly appreciated,
    Kind Regards,