Thursday, August 2, 2012

London Olympics: Sportif!: Derfie a New Man With Mary Back In Denmark

Why their PR team can't make the appropriate correctives on thissie is very strange indeed, but here's the truth: Derf boy is sooooooooooooo much happier and more relaxed when his wife is away. Not just across the room, but totally out of sight and outside of a zone more akin to that of a restraining order. (Hmm, I wonder if he's ever initiated such a thing?)

Freddles was in fine form today as he handed out the medals to the top three teams from the lightweight men's four rowing race. The Danish foursome won bronze, with Britain winning silver and South Africa winning gold. Derfie loves doing important things, and he's so happy with the fruits of his IOC victory, but it is hard to escape his relief that Madam MoreMore is back in Denmark for a few days to "retrieve the children" (who always flew around the world previously with their team of nannies) which is most likely code for "pick up new hair extensions and plump up with more Juvederm in order to look more like Kate and timed to miss the eventing and dressage competitions" since la Comtesse de Monpezat is not in any way shape or form a horsewoman and cannot risk being found out by the British royal family who are out en masse for Zara Phillips. Congratties on the silver medal, Team GB!

Article: JV

The Crown Prince's Goosebumps Congratulated the Bronze Foursome

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik presented the medals to the men's lightweight quad rowers, and thus he had the pleasure of hanging bronze medals around the necks of the crew of the Danish medal boat. And it was a great experience for the Danish heir to the throne.

"It's something quite special. You get goose bumps from it when you give out medals. It's great being so close - and close to the medals", laughing Crown Prince Frederik as meet him after the medal ceremony.

"It's a great experience to be allowed to present medals at the Summer Olympics (he had previously presented with medals at a Winter Olympics -ed.) And then to our "Golden Four", who then turned into our "Bronze Four" on the stand now, which made us still medal worthy. It is special because it is these four who have achieved such a good list of records", says the Crown Prince.

Although the Danish boat was leading as a gold medal candidate, there was no disappointment to track with Crown Prince Frederik with the bronze medals.

"I've worked it out, and now we have a medal, so that's nice. It's unique. This is a good place to get a medal, because England and Australia already have a proud tradition in this area", says the Crown Prince before he broke the spontaneous press session and hurried on to Wimbledon, where he will watch Caroline Wozniacki's match against Serena Williams.

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