Tuesday, August 7, 2012

London Olympics: Lulu's Back In Town, Pouty, Depressed and Out of It, Dragging the Two Eldest Gar-royals

Morning sickness or just sick of her own kids?

She's back!!!! Yrma is back in London with her oldest two carrying the Nikon camera bag so that she can be photographed photographing (she's an artiste, doncha know) and followed somewhat miraculously by her sprogs. Have you ever seen any mother more disconnected from her children? When you see Maxima, Letizia, Mathilde, Mette-Marit, and well all the other royal mothers, walk with their children, they are engaged with them, looking at them, holding out a guiding hand for them, touching them either by holding their hand or with a hand on their head. This chick couldn't care less. Good thing she brought Caroline Heering to London with her. Caroline can be both a nanny to the children and be someone Yrma can go pout with in a corner during Daisy's on-board parties. And by the way, is Derfie still in a hotel, while Mary's staying on the ship? Weird family.

Oddly enough, Mary's outfit is actually cute, stylish and put together like a woman of 40 should wear. But - as always - something is off. The shoes are wrong. Heels are fine, but not pumps. She has tons of Kate Middleton wedges, where are those, especially now that she's back in town? Those jeans do her no favours. They are boot cut which just doesn't work for a short-legged woman. A jean with no tapering or flaring in the leg at all would work best. Yrma's thighs are also looking a little chunky - retaining water, Madam? If this chick is pregnant with the Miracle Triplets, let the games truly begin. It will be intersting to gauge the Danish reaction to thatty!

Xian and Izzy look as cute as they can look. Izzy's still got a spark and life to her. Xian's knapsack seems to have a shark appliqué below his name. So the heir to the heir to the throne has a Great White as a personal avatar. A real theme, there!

Daisy and Derf stopped off at the "Imagination - Discover the Danish Spirit" exhibit at St. Katharine Docks that Henrik opened last week. TV2 had a crew out there and there were tons of Danes milling about. Derf and Daisy were interviewed by Natasha Crone. Hope they were able to have a drinkie poo before the party on the Dannebrog with Yrma, Caroline Heering and the garroyal children all in town.

Video of Derf and an enthusiastic Daisy: TV2/Kongehuset

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  1. Poor Fred. I seriously hope Ymra is not pregnant.