Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Princess Marie Opens International Theatre Festival Near Gråsten: No Fussiness Here!

Poor Marie. Still completing duties while her husband is regent and the rest of the family is off on a holiday in London to watch the Olympics from VIP seats, Marie is clearly as present and pretty as possible given how tired she must be. Having no full time nanny while trying to mother a three year old and a possibly still breastfeeding baby is an experience no one named Mary Donaldson would dare try. Madam is too busy busking for inclusion on Vanity Fair's Most Overexposed Best Dressed List, trying to get into the Daily Mail for her stunning creepy ressemblence to Kate Middleton, becoming a celebrity in Australia by passive-aggressively celebrating the Aussies wearing the flag pin while ostensably cheering for Denmark at the Games, and discussing the Miracle Triplets with Yehudi and budgeting their required 6 more (blonde, according to Derf) nannies. Marie gets points for keeping it real. Low budget, low maintenance and high attention to the care, feeding and proper development of young kids, plus throw in a few official engagements? Brava, madame!

Photo Gallery: Dinby

Article and video of Marie's speech (in English): TV Syd

Theatre Festival in Sønderborg

Princess Marie arrived Tuesday evening at Sønderborg Castle, where she opened the seventh annual amateur theatre festival NEATA. National Association for the dramatic company, together with the Municipality of Sønderborg were the organisers of this festival that draws more than 200 amateur-people from Scandinavia, the Baltics and the rest of Europe at Sønderborg.

Here, 12 theatre groups from different countries participate in workshops and some of their performances around the scenes in the city. The theme in Sønderborg is "Culture across borders - Theatre of borders", inspired by Sønderborg's ambition to become the European Capital of Culture 2017, with a vision to create Europe's leading culture region across national borders.

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